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This is a list of all the generic features that may game includes that other games do not have. It is merely a list and may not be 100% accurate so please feel free to leave a message on the forum if you find something I missed. Houses are awarded for quest completion and by the Kings.

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Dynamic Inventory System: Includes a manageable inventory to view all your items and coins.
Dynamic Stores: Save your coin ladies and gentlemen you can now spend your money on gear
Inn's: pay to get your health healed
Houses: Houses provide you with a place to rest for free and sell and buy for cheap.
Smart AI: enemies wont stop chasing you unless you evade their path:
Guard System/Allies: provides allies and city guards to fight with you if the enemy makes a move on you inside the city or inside their fortress.
Quick Swap: Easily swap back and forth between items with X and Y

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