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Lives of other survivors will depend on your ability to overcome the challenges of the apocalyptic aftermath. You will watch how the catastrophe affects your neighborhoods, your towns, cities, countries, and the world. Together, you WILL find a way to fight through and restore order to civilization and ensure the preservation of the human race.

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• Super-Destructive Weapons, Insane Turrets, AND Unique Special Abilities make for an individualized gaming experience every time you play
• Nano-Bot Virus-Infected-Mecha-Zombies bring a fresh and more detailed look at the genesis of a possible Zombie-Apocalypse.
• Hordes upon Crowds upon Packs upon Multitudes of Zombies for you to dismember is an almost infinite amount of blood-splattering carnage
• A fully realized post-apocalyptic world and atmosphere to get lost in
• Randomly generated gameplay situations ensures every battle with be unique
• A cooperative game mode to play with friends and compete for top zombie slayer

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