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This game features Swords, Primates, Dishwashers, Maps, Witchcraft, Rabbits, Airplanes, Castles, Dungeons and, if you want it to, lots and lots of Cheese. For more details, read on.

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Features in this version:

  • Rockets, Giraffes, Spiderman, Sorcery, Swords and anything else that Wikipedia has an Article for ;)
  • Runs on Linux, Mac and even Windows!
  • Multiplayer Only! (LAN or Internet)
  • Up to 5 Players (1 Storyteller and 4 more or less brave Heroes)
  • Tons of randomness.
  • Modable to use virtually any Wiki out there. Star-Trek-Wiki or Minecraft-Wiki, anyone?
  • Very experimental game-play: One player writes the story while the other players reply by writing their actions down. The whole thing is influenced by the Wiki and a fair bit of randomness: You choose a Word that wikipedia has an article for. Then the Wiki randomly chooses links from that articles' site and you have to use those, too. Then it loads the URLs of those words and searches them for new words, and so on.
  • Random story every time you play.
  • Text Based Adventure game of the VERY casual type.

For feature requests, feel free to contact me. Otherwise, just code them yourself and submit them!

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