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Live Hard: Frequently Asked Question

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Q: What's going on?
A: We're producing a game! It's about a Robinson Crusoe who found himself on a deserted island and have to learn how to survive there.

Q: Genre?
A: Survival sandbox as we call it. The game is based on variation of actions. The character can do whatever he wants. The only thing he must do is to survive. He has to learn to yield fire, food, water, to make and to use simple tools and so on. There are no prompts at all. Use your logic or act at random.

Q: What is your game like? Does it resemble any of the existing games?
A: It's more like Minecraft and Don't Starve. We must point out that we didn't know about Don't Starve making our game. The Don't Starve development started almost at the same time that Live Hard's. Great minds think alike, you know.

Q: Supported platforms?
A: First of all it will be Steam (Win and Linux), later smartphones and tablets.

Q: What about price?
A: You'll be able to buy a Steam key for about $15. It's free-2-play on smartphones though.

Q: What is the supposed auditory?
A: Midcore and hardcore gamers. Death is the end of the game. No re-spawns, no saves. It won't be easy to survive the very first winter at all. Promise.

Q: Multiplayer?
A: Unfortunately not now. Probably in the next part of the game.

Q: What are the parameters of the character?
A: Health, temperature, hunger, thirst and tiredness. It's necessary to mind all of the parameters, otherwise the character starts to act funny. For instance if he is too tired he can hurt himself splitting wood and you don't want it, do you?

Q: Does the character have any skills?
A: There is no such thing as skill in the game, but your avatar can craft essentials, cook, sew clothes, plant, go hunting and fishing etc. Finding out the ways to do this or that thing is only possible by trial and error.

Q: When can I try it on PC?
A: We're planning on publishing more or less decent beta version in 2 months. We'll test it then, analyze your commentaries and supplement it. So the final version will be released approximately in simmer.

Q: Who are you anyway?
A: We're a small group of developers from Perm (Russia). We work at an advertising agency, but are also connected with gaming business. We worked for different gaming corporations before, took part in online-game development and production. Not long ago we came back to gaming industry as making games is the most inimitable experience we ever had.

Q: Can I be of any help?
A: When it's time for testing the game your help will be of paramount importance! Now you can ask us more questions and like our Steam page Steamcommunity.com

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