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A Star Wars Fan Story which is a 2.5 hours Jedi Academy Machinima Created with Jedi Academy and Empire At War Game Engines A Story which follows Canon timeline but also respects EU Lore Enjoy!

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Fall of Lotus is a fan Star Wars Story which was created with game engines of Empire At War and Jedi Academy, along with many mods

It tells about an Alliance which has a monarcy rule in 19 BBY

Emperor Palpatine believes that the Lotus Alliance is a threat to the Galactic Empire, so he sends Darth Vader and his Inquisitors to eliminate the Lotus Alliance before they declare war for the Galaxy

The Lotus is an Order , an Alliance and a belief which lives in the depts of Wild Space with hundred of thousands of people.

A thousand years ago before the Sith-Jedi War ended, The Sith Empire has ravaged dozens of worlds in the Outer Rim which their people has been rescued by a Family of Force Users and their Lotus Order

The Lotus Order saved their lives, showed the Old Republic , the galaxy that the Sith can be defeated and the Lotus gave those shattered people a new home in the Wild Space, created a government, an Alliance to protect them and their allies which joined later.

One thousand years has passed , came to 19 BBY , the Clone Wars has ended and Palpatine reoriginazed the Republic into the Empire, Most of the Jedi have been purged.

But the Lotus Alliance isn't sure that are the Sith behind of those tragedies or are there politicians in the Republic which are serving the Sith secretly

And they also fear that the Empire stops at nothing to destroy all Force sensitives in the Galaxy, that is why King of the Lotus Alliance, Garale Prouder will try to make sure that Is Palpatine a Sith? Does he serve the Sith secretly? Have the Sith being wiped out as the Jedi have? The Empire is ruled by no Sith?

He makes plan to be certain which will make him decide to declare war to the Empire to save the Galaxy from their fascism

Also Palpatine watches their gateway very carefully as Only few people knows the Location of their worlds as he plots to destroy them before they become a serious threat

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Here is movie's link

Enjoy and May the Force be with you <3

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