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These are the faction who are in the mod. Have a good day.

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Factions are

1.The Human Resistance Movement (Human Weapons Only)

2.The VangKarian Galactic Empire (Have Just VangKarian Weapons)

3.The Human-VangKarian Rebel Alliance (Have both Human and VangKarian Weapons)

I am Considering putting in another Human Faction but a Government one who hates all the other factions
Tell me your thought's and have a good day bye.


I think a powerful human government trying to take over everyone would be a good faction to have!

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What about a robot or AI faction? as this is a futuristic environment it would make sense that humans would have built humanoids as smart as any other human if not smarter, you could give each faction some strong points and weak points too, like the AI would have bonus on Intelligence, because that's what it was programmed to do, and the Aliens would have bonus in strength as they're the ones invading, or at least high weapon stats, and the humans (in my head) are usually good with charisma and making diplomacy, so charisma would be perfect for humans.. and add other little guilds within these groups to make things more interesting, like (just an example) communist human clan (you can find a more creative name) spiritual human clan, and maybe far right Humanist group that make up the human race, and they can even go to war with each other (because come on, humans love fighting with each other) and same can be for all the factions with different personalities making up each clan.. it might be too much work for you, I don't know, I'm not very good at modding I'm just good at playing the game and creating stories so tell me if it's too hard to achieve. I have a lot of ideas I wish i knew how to mod xD

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