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Post feature RSS Explaining Land Units in Pax-Americana

How land units work, what combinations to build, use and why.

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Hey guys,

I'm making this post for anyone unaware how brigades work in Pax Americana. Pax Americana uses the same Brigade formation/style as BlackIce. This formation is basically: 1x Primary unit(brigade), several supports(brigade attachments), 1x Transport Unit & a Division Headquarters.

The primary units are also split even further with brigades & battalions. Brigades are the bigger versions of battalions and have approx double the stats of a battalion. Battalions are more of a support/filler. An example of why you would add a battalion to your brigade would be if you have a brigade like the following:

1x Armor, Arty, AT, Engineers, Light transport & Division HQ.

The brigade wont be very large and the tanks would break if faced with strong AT. Adding in a Infantry Battalion or something similar would beef up the brigade a bit and give it more manpower. Imagine driving tanks into a urban city they would get destroyed without infantry support.

This formation allows for advanced, interesting & diverse unit combinations. If you place more than one primary unit in your brigade your just wasting manpower & IC as a unit in the above combination will be more cost effective, loose less manpower in fights & use less supplies.

You can find examples of the different combinations in your starting OOB's.

This mod is still a WIP and every country outside of the middle east has not been touched since YAMDAM. The only region that has really been touched is the Middle East and in the version of Pax available to you, you don't have the updated OOB's. You may currently be able to blitz Russia as Bulgaria or some random country but unrealistic things like that won't be possible in future versions especially after i have revised those regions.

I may actually release a new version of Pax this week that addresses a lot of the big bugs from 0.91, I wasn't planning to but if i do you'll have it by Sunday.

The focus of the mod is currently the middle east until v1.0 and it will switch to Europe after that. To see the most up to date news & get access to weekly/monthly dev builds visit the paradox forums linked in the right pane as my homepage.

Note the mod is still in beta and this is all a work in progress. A wiki will be coming soon.


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