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This article presents Paradigm Worlds geopolitical situation in various eras.

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Alternate Asymmetric Scenario

Special challenge

  • 5066 - how Paradigm Worlds nations where forged
  • 6077 - 'classic' Paradigm - where fantasy meets sci-fi
  • 10K - futuristic Paradigm where technology dominates in the world that more violent than ever before
  • 7022 - alternate vision in which NecroCorp rules almost all world, and rest of nations hold each single town
  • HELL - this challenge turns any scenario in the LIVING HELL. Criminals and bandits rule the world, while rest of creatures trembles in fear. Monsters, worse, abominations of forgotten gods roam on earth polluting life, killing decent commoners. This chaos may be exploited by a brilliant hero, but playing with fate with this addon is more dangerous than playing russian rullete with a tommygun.
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