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What happens when you release a game that people love? A flood of letsplay videos, that's what! Let's look at some.

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Eight Dragons: User LetsPlays.

It's a great feast for the soul to watch people play your game. If you're an indiedev and you've release a game, you likely know what I mean.

It can be fun watching people discover the nuances of your game, and watching some letsplays you can see the moment the penny drops for some players.

Here's a selection of letsplays from the last few days.

First up we have this entry from TheBlueDragon
It's a valiant attempt as our blonde hero Chard. The Blue Dragon seems to have grasped the game well and plays through 3 levels in the video but the video ends before we can see if the player completes the Subway Station.

Next we have this attempt from AllGamesWorldHd
This player went a full 9 seconds without pressing the attack button - my suspicion is that they've never played a beat 'em up before and that they recorded their first attempt here. They do eventually realise that to pick things up you use the crouch button, and about half way through the video they figure out the jump-attack. My sincere hope is they play again having learned how to play during this video.

Here's another player who takes their time to find the jump attack. Creeps Gaming does find it eventually and then uses it to great effect!

Here's gabehype with their attempt. Another player who I think will improve as they become more familiar with Beat 'em ups in general. They did manage to get through several levels with using the jump attack but when faced with rabid dobermans they had to learn it fast!

And now we get to the star of the last few days!! Pinyo Gaming HD is very clearly an old hand at the genre.
Just watch as they take Randt through his entire story!!

Nice work Pinyo Gaming HD

Let's see your videos! Get Eight Dragons from Steam:)

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