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Presenting a series of hour long talks by industry veterans who discuss how much indies are earning with their Steam, PSN, XBOX and iPhone games. And how you can get your title onto these platforms and help it become a hit.

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Whether you like buying your games at stores or online, digital distribution is indisputably the most important change to the games publishing industry in recent years. For gamers you can now buy, install, patch and play what you want using your PC or games console without breaking a sweat. More importantly however is the long tail of profits it has introduced for indie and smaller game developers. Only 5 years ago developing and publishing a game meant millions of dollars in costs, it still does for the big companies. However indies can now build a game on the cheap and publish it themselves via Digital Distribution and reach the millions of consumers they never could before.

It is because of this importance, that I would like to publish a series of videos from a Digital Distribution Summit recently held in Melbourne, Australia that I was invited too. Each presentation focuses on a different topic and provides great insight into the DD world (both the ups and downs).

David Edery - Keynote

David is the Manager and Principal of Fuzbi, an independent consulting firm focused the business and design of digitally distributed games. His experience is second to none as a research affiliate at MIT and former Worldwide Portfolio Manager for Xbox Live Arcade. David will present an industry overview and key statistics, case studies of successful games designed for XBLA, pitching titles for XBLA and PSN, innovation in digitally distributed games and after market support.

Simon Carless (my pick)

As Chairman of the Independent games festival and publisher of Game Developer magazine and Gamasutra.com Simon will give a hands on presentation of realistic revenue projections for downloadable games with case studies on IGF award winning titles. Beyond finance Simon will also take a look at the marketing and development prospects for local studios.

Rob Murray

Rob Murray shot into fame early this year developing the world’s most popular iPhone application, Flight Control. Rob’s presentation will look into the importance of marketing for self distributed games including the ever popular social media marketing. Rob will offer an inside look into the success of Flight Control and the company’s recent award winning game Real Racing.

Shainiel Deo

Shaniniel leads local game development studio, Halfbrick, recently announced as one of two launch developers of the PSP Mini’s platform. Shainiel’s presentation will go inside the world of Halfbrick Studios and the opportunities ahead with one of the newest digital distribution networks.

The Future of Digital Distribution Panel

With expert insight from Kursten Leins, Multimedia Solutions Expert with Ericsson, Rob Murray, Creator of the world’s longest running paid iPhone application and renowned mobile gaming expert, Rob Walsh, CEO of Australia’s largest game development company, Krome Studios. The panel will be moderated by one of the most influential people in the video games industry, Jamil Moledina, former Executive Director of the Game Developers Conference and current Outreach Director for EA Partners.

Phalxor - - 104 comments

so its official now? steam officially represents all pc gamers \ games? .... wack

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ausbushman - - 343 comments

Hell yeah!

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INtense! Author
INtense! - - 4,100 comments

absolutely not, its just the biggest - doesn't mean it is the best or only option

Reply Good karma+7 votes
formerlyknownasMrCP - - 892 comments

exactly. Steam, Gamers Gate, Direct2Drive and Impulse are the biggest ones- Steam doesn't control all of it.

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Tatsur0 - - 1,068 comments

I found this to be very informative. Thanks for posting this, i'd have missed it otherwise.

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razorb - - 500 comments

nice post :)

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Dayvi - - 25 comments

Video 1:
14:04 Albino game dev :D and classic female gamer o_o
16:06 blue...
26:08 dude brought his girlfriend xD
31:45 <3
41:13 Swine flu!
49:32 is he dead? o_o

What i learned:
- short pitch
- target audience
- realistic budget
- tailor pitch
- robust prototype
- - including gameplay
- 1 page features set
- marketing is important
- long term PR
- build community
- have singleplayer

Great video :) looking forward to watching the rest over the week.

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tschery - - 179 comments

just awesome - i hope you will post more of this stuff if you find some videos like that ^^

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