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Post feature RSS Devlog #6: Building Resources and Dynamic Weather

Now is the time to search for some resources for the alien. The new devlog is about new scan system along with other interesting features.

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Hello everyone,

Scanning of the environment has been completely reworked and now looks completely different. Now there is a trace that our alien must follow to collect builders for the nutrition chest. This makes searching of nutrients more fun and unpredictable because the builders trace can take you far from the start of scanning. Also, now the alien needs special building resources. To find them the player needs to watch the environment and catch the resources with an energy pole. The whole building system will be described in next devlogs. Another feature that has been already added to the game is a simple dynamic weather system. Now we can watch wind speed changes, clouds and rain. The rain can cool the alien's body and may dangerous or useful in different situations.

Here is a video with demonstration of the new features:

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