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Presenting next game mode from Wreckin' Ball Adventure.

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Hello again everyone!

Today I wanted to talk to you about Endless, a second game mode in Wreckin' Ball Adventure.

The story mode was designed for cooperation, Endless is focused on chaos, destruction, and survival. This mode is more cooperative. The main goal of Endless is to survive longer than other players or longer than the previous run (If you play alone).

In this mode, there are no checkpoints, if you die you're out form the race and you have to wait for other players to finish the game. So how long is one play in Endless? It depends on the players. The map is randomly generated form prepared fragments but relax, on the map the player will find a lot of ways to die. There are even events button to activate a trap to kill another player.

If the environment and traps are not good enough to kill the players, to the race can join a special energy orb. This orb is chasing a player, every the player have his own energy orb. If the player will be in the range of this orb for a few seconds the orb will destroy the player.

Let us know what are your favorite game modes and why :) Do you enjoy playing storyfull games? Or maybe just free modes?

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