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Post feature RSS Dev Blog: Dynamic Events Team (and Death Q&A)

How do you keep a world Dynamic, and engaging? Hire a dedicated team for the job, that's how!

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For the second video of our Kickstarter feature week, we decided to share some information about our Dynamic Events Team (DET). The DET is akin to old school D&D Dungeon Masters, and its their job to maintain the games story, and breathe life into the world.

At the start of the video, we answer some questions asked by our community after the previous system (The Death system), then we use a practical example of a dynamic event to illustrate how the DET team is intended to work. It's also worth noting that the DET team example discussed in this video has also been depicted in our ongoing web comic, Stars like Ice. Go check it out!

The Dynamic Events Team


In summary, the Dynamic Events Team is a special team that is tasked with both bringing the game to life, and keeping it running smoothly. Day-to-day tasks like keeping an eye on the dynamic ecology, and monitoring player populations in various areas, as well as more specific tasks like keeping an eye on quest triggers, or working on future variations of the world story arcs based on player reactions and interactions with each stage.

Don't worry though, as the DET will be fully monitored, and are only there to seed ideas and events, not force or direct gameplay. It is truely up to the player how any event plays out, based on how they react (or even do not react) to the world around them. The DET is a very exciting position in the company, and we really believe it will bring a great amount of added depth and variety to the game.

As always, feel free to share your thoughts on this system here in comments, or over on our Community Forum. We will endeavour to answer any questions you have about this, or anything else to do with our game!

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