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0.6.0 is going to be a massive patch for Crawle and in this post I'll be talking about some of my current plans for it as well as a description of the new building system.

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I usually only do these sort of "blog" things on the forums but I'm going to start posting these here too so as many people as possible get to see what we're working on.


I described a new building system a while back that I wanted to put in two patches ago but I never finished it. I've finally finished it now. Basically, the largest changes are that you can only drag and drop items over your building to add them to it and buildings now also have more than one required item, e.g. huts will need around 10 logs and 15 leaves.

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As for 0.6.0, I'd just like to outline my plans here. We will be redoing the way the dungeon system works in order to create a more connected dungeon (i.e. hallways between rooms). We're also going to add various traps to them too.

We're also going to be introducing "the cave". The cave is a randomly generated indoor structure with plenty of harvest-able resources including rare gems and of course ore. Because of this, we will also be introducing two new skills: mining and forging with a whole range of new equipment and weapons.

I'll try to post more development logs as things get done but this is a massive patch so I can't really promise that we'll be releasing anything in the meantime - we're aiming for a February release but that isn't definite


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