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Here you can read info about curreny situation and more info about game.

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Hello everyone! I'm from Russia, sorry for my "very well" English:3

This project I have started with friends 4-5 years ago. At that time I was the most inexperienced programmer, that's why I began to explore game industry generally + studied game design and project managment. The last couple of years again studing C# + differents game engines; also tried doing something with friend. All projects were unfinished (different reasons; only 1 project have a small prototype), that's why I wonna make this project (at least up to the alpha stage) for expirenece and to get a job.

About game:
Alternative world: Kingdoms - it's RTS game about conflict of 2 kingdoms on the generated map. First stage in game: the player scouts the territory and improves territories + first events. Second stage: first contact with enemy, prepare to war. Third stage: active warfare and different events/problems in both kingdoms. Forth stage: win in the war or score win.

Game with 2D camera (you can check screenshots), now I developing PC version, but in the future have plan for a mobile port. Game will have singplayer mode, but focused on multiplayer session games of 15-20 min (approximately) each. Full concept (if game will be actuality) have a lot of ideas for realisation.

The project began to be actively developed in early January and now I have reached the speed of a "major" update about once a week. Last update add a graphics, and now I can post some screenshots:)

Key Features:
- Dynamic gameplay
- Generated map
- Weather conditions and seasons
- Random events and interactions with them
- Interesting battles between the armies of the kingdoms

What's ready now:
- Camera control
- Economy (WIP)
- Ownership of the player (the territory)
- Building (development of territories)
- A few ui and rough graphics (public graphics)
- Time
- A small test map for testing features

In the next update (a full update is released 1 time in 1-2 weeks):
- The recruitment of the army
- Control of the army
- Appointment of a general
- Capture of territories
- UI and graphics improvements
- Interaction with the castle

About until the end of March/during April:
- A complete prototype with game mode versus AI/Player
- Map generation (the draft basis is already there)
- Bring to mind the construction (you need a balance + now only 3 buildings)
- Event system
- Effects of the seasons

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