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Serious Scramblers is a vertical platformer where the level keeps scrolling regardless of player's actions. Here's a look at the obstacles players must learn to navigate!

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1. Exhibits


Once triggered when the player lands on them, it takes only a split second for spikes to shot upwards. Get away from these platforms as soon as possible!


Sushi Monsters (slow, fast variations)

Simple, fodder-type enemies that paces back and forth. No one knows what they are, but they do sort-of look like sentient sushi. Landing on their shells kills them instantly!


Fire platforms (slow, fast variations)

Make sure to pay attention to the direction of the fire orbs before landing on these platforms!


Flying Sushi Monsters (idle, swaying variations)

Much like their grounded counterpart, these monsters can be taken out with a well-placed stomp to the shell - just be sure to look out for a safe place to land after that!



Turrets attached to the underside of a platform that's sure to drive up blood pressure - these appears later in the game.


2. Procedural Generation

No 2 play-throughs are the same - obstacles and platforms are created procedurally while bound by several rules to keep the levels from becoming impossible. Said rules are then tweaked for individual levels to ensure more variety in design (and proper difficulty progression)! Levels with loads of spikes? Check! Levels where you just bounce from one monster to the next constantly? Double check!

Hope you've enjoyed this brief look into Serious Scramblers - stay tuned for more!

Serious Scramblers is coming to Steam later this year and is available to wishlist!

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