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Mod, as the name of Grunwald. He takes us into the center of the conflict between the Teutonic Order, Kingdom of Poland and Lithuania at the turn of the XIV - XV centuries. The three main factions: -Kingdom of Poland -Teutonic Order -The Grand Duchy of Lithuania

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- "Clan Refesesesesferes" by the provision of operating time multiplayer mode "Grunwald"
- Narf of Picklestink by Narf's Transitional Armour Pack, Narf's Men-at-Arms Armour Pack, Narf's Rus Armour Pack
- Kovas by models of helmets, shields and armor
- Yellowmosquito by Banner and Flag Standardization Pack
- Daedalus (aka Slawomir of Aaarrghh) by the model horses, [OSP] Tavern Animation Pack, other animations and shaders
- The team "With Fire and Sword. The Great Battle "
- Highlander'u by the provision of the Open Source Age of Machinery
- Motomataru by Formations and AI Minimods

- гЭнЫк'u by Movie WB View
- Yamabusi by Battlefield Priests for Calradia
- Lav'u by open source Civilians Mod
- Shredzorz'u by OSP 15th century weapons
- Iboltax'u by OSP Face Improvement Project

- Ikaguia by [kit][OSP]open/close helmet
- Cartread by code Single-player Deployable Pavise Shield, destructible version
- to all the authors OSP [Item][Model][Texture]Пак ресурсов от создателей мода "ИграПрестолов"
- La Grandmaster by Grandmasters Shaders - Basic Seasons & Wind effects
- Siegbert_von_Meklenburg and In Vain by German-voiceovers
- FantasyWarrior by [Model][Script][Texture][Map][Other]OSP from mod 1429 La Guerre de Cent Ans Enhanc

The mod also used shields and helmets of +1410 + mod authorship padla81

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