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We briefly look at Rounds and Turns, Action Points, Player Unit Classes, Traits, and Upgrades.

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Rounds and Turns

All units of one team perform actions, after the whole team is done - it is the other team’s turn. Players can choose what unit goes when freely. Enemy AI will control units based on current goals and will try to save time by moving multiple units at the same time.

Action Points

All units have 3 action points available. All units have attack and Move abilities which cost 1 AP each. Player units will have up to 3 abilities. Enemy units will have varying amounts of Abilities. Abilities cost 1-3 AP. Actions - attack, move or abilities can be performed in any order.

BP1 melee walkattack

Unit Progression

Completing missions progresses Units by gaining Upgrades, discovering Traits and unlocking Abilities.

BP1 hellfire 102

Player Unit Classes

There will be at least 6 classes: Necromancer, Mage, Elementalist, Berserker, Archer and Warrior. Each of them having unique play styles due to different possible traits and abilities. Each class will unlock up to 3 Abilities out of 6 possible.

BP1 artilery normal


Traits will positively and meaningfully impact how the unit is played. It might make the unit immune to being injured after battle, or add ricocheting attacks when an arrow misses, or add wide swings for melee, maybe set the ground of fire or heal a nearby ally when attacking.

Traits will interact with both normal attacks and Abilities.

BP1 fire arrow


Each unit will be able to get up to 9 upgrades out of 9 different upgrade types. Each upgrade type is essentially a boost to one of the base stats of the unit, for example health, critical chance, damage, etc.


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