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A preview on the current planned companions and minor/brigands factions!

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Minor Factions

Free Cities
The Brotherhood Without Banners
Brigands faction:
Broken Men
Hedge Knights
Night's Watch Deserters
Mountain Clans

Simple companions:
Gendry (The Bull)
Ser –°reighton Longbough
Ser Illifer The Penniless
Shagga (son of Dolf)
Dick Crabb (Nimble Dick)
Anguy (The Archer)

Elite companions:
Ser Wendel Manderly (House Stark)
Ser Archibald Yronwood (House Martell)
Ser Garth Hightower called Greysteel (House Tyrell)
Ser Brynden Tully called Blackfish (House Tully)
Ser Lyle Crakehall called Strongboar (House Lannister)
Ser Mychel Redfort (House Arryn)
Ser Dermot of the Rainwood (House Baratheon)
Dagmer Cleftjaw (House Greyjoy)


Will you be able to join or do quests for any of the minor factions?

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