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I've made a bunch of small changes, and quite a few large ones!

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Hey all :) Here's some of the new things I've added, and some of the fixes I made. I tried to write most of what I changed down, but I may have forgotten quite a few. I'll add them as I see fit.

All in-game art is subject to change and reiteration.

- Breaking/Setting a new high score will multiply exp gained.
- Boss HP shows screen wide when boss spawns.
- New level specifically for resource gathering, housing and companions.
- Death Messages/Taunts
- You can now pause! :D
- Random events will trigger as you play, monsters may attack you at home, you may be visited by a companion, etc.
- You can now rename your character by clicking the "Player" text.
- Skill drops now show names above them.
- Companions ADDED. Ai partners that will help you on your adventures.
- Shockwave look tweaked.

- Magic shield orbs now have chance to spawn more than 1
- Controller support for PC.
- World time cycles
- Home building now has timer.
- Ladders ( Could use some tweaking still haha.)
- Death Counter
- Damage type colored differently.
- Resource gathering tweaked + now yields exp.
- Added some new levels, snow and desert biome. These will be expanded upon.

Here's some screenies. :)

Rainy days.

Runner 2016 05 05 16 15 59 162

In desperate need of rain.

Runner 2016 05 05 16 15 48 262

Now it's too cold.

Runner 2016 05 05 16 15 54 645

Corrupt lands, skill drop name showing

Runner 2016 05 05 16 16 27 611

House area with companion.

Runner 2016 05 05 16 22 37 104

Dungeon with companion, He leveled!

Runner 2016 05 05 16 19 46 225

Gathering resources in house area, you can see the death counter(tombstone) is sitting over there. Not a single death yet! :D

Runner 2016 05 05 16 22 23 238

Boss HP bars, Death taunts & Tombstone.

Runner 2016 05 05 17 03 45 420

We were invaded at home! D: Companion took care of them though!

Runner 2016 05 05 16 21 46 072

Damage type colored. ( Red - melee, Blue - magic. White - resource)

Runner 2016 05 05 17 03 07 986

You can see what you need for the house both resource and gold wise and your companions HP & level in this shot. Your current resources are at the top underneath the pause button so you know how much you're currently carrying. Also houses have been changed a bit, the house has been upgraded once already to the beginning of the foundation, houses currently go through 3 stages, before they can be entered and used as a home should be. ( The inside of the home is operable, but aside from going inside, there's nothing else added into them yet, this will be my next target)

Runner 2016 05 05 17 01 44 421

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