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Resthill features hundreds of weapons and thousands of enemies. So having a weapon is needed if you wish to survive. Weapons range from swords that will set foes on fire, to dwarven mechanical shotguns, that fire elemental rounds at enemies. Some weapons come with added perks, that will make your weapon silent, faster or stronger when using a specific set of armour, so the customization options are near endless.

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Combat is intense in Resthill, ranging from stealth attacks, melee combat and long range combat. Killing tougher enemies means that you get better loot, but stealthy, tactical takedowns will also ensure you some good stuff. If your a stealthy player, then you'll want a dagger, to silently takedown anything that opposes you, if your the type who can't get enough melee combat, pick up a sword or a mace, and slash any obstacle in your way, and if your the kind of person who ADORES long range combat, pick up a crossbow or dwarven shotgun and snipe and shoot your troubles away. It doesn't matter which way your playing, as long as your slaying dark foes and fearsome beasts, and generally, being a badass.

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