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The COLOSSALICON is a tome describing Colossalum. Here, I have quoted a few sections from the book. It details the enchanting world and it's inhabitants, some of which are more devious than others. - Enjoy reading!

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The World

The world has 3 key areas, which tie the gameplay loop together: The cave, the arena, and the forest.

  • Cave - The cave is the hub of the game. Here the player is introduced to attacking dummies and putting weapons on the shrine, which is part of furthering the progress of the game. Also, the player will have access to all unlocked weapons from here.
  • Arena - Here the player fights different sets of monsters depending on which weapon has been put on the shrine. Defeating the battle unlocks that weapon, and takes the player back to the cave.
  • Forest - The forest is a randomly generated area where the main part of the gameplay loop takes place. The player will encounter monsters and pick up weapons and loot here. Each random layout of the forest has a portal, which leads into a new and slightly bigger forest. Eventually the player will be able to escape with a weapon and attempt to unlock it in the arena.

Combat & Weapons

The player gets to use a variety of different melee attacks, which are determined by the equipped weapon. To unlock a weapon, the player first goes to the forest to procure the item. They then find their way back to the cave to access the arena using the weapon. Defeating the battle unlocks that weapon.

The player may only carry one weapon at any given time, but is able to toss their weapon at will, to pick up another weapon in it's stead. The damaging effect of strikes dealt towards susceptible targets is determined on a 5-step scale:

  1. Zero effect
  2. Light damage.
  3. Medium damage.
  4. Heavy damage.
  5. Devastation.


Creatures in the world. Most of them just want to kill you. Monsters are randomly generated throughout the forest.

  • Skeleton - Boney enemy with a variety of weapons. Will follow and attack the player. Every strike will scatter some of it’s bones, and eventually not enough will be left to keep it standing.
  • Goblin - Small mob with a variety of aesthetic equipment. Engages and attacks player in range. Runs fast and stabs rapidly. May lose a few limbs. Also bleeds.
  • Hooman - Cheering bystander. Very susceptible to damage!

These are excerpts from the game design document I wrote in parallel with the development of the game.
Here you can read the document and leave a comment if you're so inclined: Colossalum Game Design Document

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