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CLAW the famous multiplayer first person shooter is now returned. See complete features in discription.

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The famous multiplayer : CLAW

Now the game mechanics has been fully changed. Allowing the player to have more freedom.

Now CLAW represents a new register/login system that clients should first create an account and after that they should confirm their account with e-mail verifiction system.

Now the hackers will be automaticly banned from the game thanks to anti cheat system.

Map sizes are reduced from the past version but maps are fully interactable.(using elevators and blowing up things and explosive materials)

New chat system.

New lobby that players can create or join rooms.

Parkoor system to jump over obstacles or climb walls(WIP)

Better melee system.

Now all players have one knife in their inventory.

Now players can do unarmed attack by punching or kicking.

First person legs + shadows from first person view.

Ability to change viewing prespective.(FPS/TPS)

This was part of game features.

I hope you liked my previous game.

If you liked it you definitely like this game too.

Im eager to hear your comments to improve my game.

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