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A look into some of the story of the main villain.

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Khaath of clan Hort

Khaath is called The Profane One, he is the cause for the early end of the Ice Age through his
Dragon Taught Fire Magicks. He is the reason for the return of the Acnient Evils from beyond the Ice, and the return of the Gaunt into the lands of Man and Giant.
Though the Gaunt are his own people, they long ago exiled him and he turned his back on them. Their return from their hidden forest was unintentional.
His plan was to seek out an artefact ancient beyond imagining that was locked far beyond the Ice. To do this
he needed to set free the dangerous beings locked away there, else he would never have been able to freely search.
INSIDER INFO: The Profane One seeks the Fire Ark. The very Vessel that brought the Outsider Dragons to our World eons ago. His goal is to rediscover the Ark and use it to leave this World altogether, wanting desperately to continue his Obsessive quest for forbidden knowledge beyond the borders of our world and into the Void from which the Gods were born.

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