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An overview of the game's main character classes and their abilities.

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When a new game is started, three classes are immediately available: The Engineer, the Scientist and the Bounty Hunter. Each class focuses on a specific aspect of the game.

There is a huge variety of names and portraits for every character. Players can choose their portrait and enter their own name. Additionally, there are over 4,000 female and 1,200 male names available, either for naming your character or for the game to randomly name characters you find!

Male portraits

Female portraits

Below is a description of each one of the starting classes.

Raising steam

Engineers are skilled individuals who understand how things work and have put their expertise towards rebuilding their environment. A solid class with a defensive orientation.

LEADER SPECIAL ABILITY: Repair items have +50% effectiveness.

CLASS SPECIAL ABILITY: +10% defense power and toughness.

Engineers are trained in Small Guns, Big Guns and Shotguns.

Other Skills: Targeting, Debilitator, Knockback, Defender, Last stand, Readiness, Steady, Dangerous bullet, Harden defense, Empower defense, Salvager, Thorough, Repairman, Overtime, Weaponsmith, Engineering, Piercer

Class overview: Some people believe that the best offense is a good defense. At some point things in combat may get out of control, with lots and lots of undead dealing damage to the barricade quickly. Engineer's special ability of extra repairing during combat can save your skin! Also, automated defenses can play a critical role in the game: Based on your Production, each turn you manufacture defenses that you have researched. At the end of each turn, if an enemy army moves into territory you own, your automated defenses engage them first. They can cause major casualties in the undead ranks, or completely eradicate them! Engineers have production-boosting skills and defense empowering skills, making them masters of this particular style of gameplay.

A male and female engineer in combat

At 1.21 gigawatts

The future of mankind dwells inside the brilliant minds of scientists. Though not as combat-oriented as other classes, scientists posess a slew of practical skills and can contribute to rapid technological advancements.

LEADER SPECIAL ABILITY: Breakthrough: +10 research for 1 turn for 2 AP.

CLASS SPECIAL ABILITY: +4-8 crystals each turn.

Scientists are trained in Small Guns and Energy Weapons.

Other Skills: Leadership, Eagle eye, Presence, Readiness, Dangerous bullet, Harden defense, Empower defense, Tech hunter, Crystal farmer, Diplomat, Thorough, Prodigy, Scavenger, Estates, Treasure hunter, Intuition, Salvager

Class overview: If you want to carve through the tech tree like you learned all that stuff in the Apocalypse High School, scientists are your type of hero. Their Breakthrough ability makes early-game research projects trivial, and their research-boosting skills further enhance their potential. Also, the steady income of crystals as well as their Crystal Farmer skill help speed up crystal production. Crystals are essential for unlocking more team slots, can be converted to money and can also be used as currency in certain special events. And last but not least, their expertise in Energy Weapons makes armored enemies much less of an issue later in the game.

A male and female scientist in combat

Let the hunt begin

Since the Apocalypse, most bounty hunters have had trouble with the "dead" part of "dead or alive" contracts. But those few who persevered are now known as legendary undead exterminators. A powerful combat class complemented with wealth-boosting skills.

LEADER SPECIAL ABILITY: Double bonus from Corpse Loot skill.

CLASS SPECIAL ABILITY: On a critical/weak spot hit, +10% damage and reload speed for 5 seconds.

Bounty hunters are trained in Crossbows, Rifles and Big Guns.

Other Skills: Targeting, Critical strike, Critical damage, Debilitator, Sharpshooter, Eagle eye, Farshot, Steady, Hand of death, Piercer, Crossbow training, Bazaar child, Scavenger, Agile, Treasure hunter, Intuition, Corpse loot

Class overview: Extra damage AND money-making skills? Count me in! In combat, almost every undead type has a weak spot (usually the head but do expect surprises). Also the Critical Strike skill grants a chance to score a devastating hit even when not targeting a weak spot! When Bounty hunters score a critical or a weak spot hit, mayhem ensues. Subsequent critical/weak spot hits can preserve this bonus indefinitely! Also, bounty hunters come with skills enhancing your Economy (the amount of credits you gain each turn) and other skills influencing merchant prices, money from capturing sectors and many more! Finally, their enhanced Corpse loot skill makes them gain even more credits from killing zombies in combat!

A male and female bounty hunter in combat

These are the starting classes. Each one makes you plan ahead in different ways, and even recruiting them in your team can alter the way you progress!

As players get deeper into the game, more classes are unlocked. From the half-crazy but resourceful Wastelander to the hideous, time-slowing Touched, you can never predict who you will have at your side in the next city!

Would you like a sneak peek of more classes and their abilities? Leave a comment below!

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