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Presenting general changes made to the game in version 0.8.9b (from 0.8.9a).

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Changelog 0.8.9b



  • Improved the AI’s handling of the Invisibility spell when cast from non-hero units
  • Units with auto-casting attitudes that are checking to cast Foresight will now take enemy units into account, as well as friendly units that are already under the effects of Foresight
  • AI heroes of Duke level and higher can now seek and interact with resource carts and item chests
  • AI heroes can now sell items through in-game shops
  • AI heroes will now only purchase items from a shop if they can actually afford them
  • Increased the amount of crowns AI heroes start the game with. 100 for Duke (was 0), 250 for Prince (was 0), 500 for King (was 200), 1000 for Emperor (was 500) and 10000 for Demigod (was 1000)
  • AI hero inventory changes are now synced across multiplayer
  • AI no longer gets free building repairs


  • Fixed bug where the multiplayer mini loading box would not display the correct loading percentages
  • Added new icons for campaign actions
  • Players may now choose their own side colour in campaigns/chapters
  • Fixed bug where the placement radius from using an RSB would appear when placing a building
  • Added large red and blue font colours
  • Reworked the perk leveling up screen
  • Placement grid now also draws a diagonal on the blocked square for better reading
  • Added help popup on campaign difficulty
  • In campaign, side colours of two different players will now never be the same, unless MAP defined
  • Reworked cover icons
  • Made the text in the credits actually legible
  • Etheriary quests and items now have a grayed out aspect when locked
  • Fixed bug where Etheriary would always display description of level 1 buildings
  • Indoor tiles now always look like night time
  • Added one extra line of text in help popups of the control panel
  • Fixed bug where the Etheriary would be drawn over the Retinue screen for a brief moment
  • Fixed bug where plants would be drawn over buildings, units and other taller features
  • Idle and movement animations for huge dragons are now slower to better match that of normal dragons
  • SFX and AFX features are now always drawn over other features, units, buildings in the editor
  • Eyes of Oros now have jiggly movement
  • Fixed bug where the blue and orange timer bars could be drawn over the control panel
  • Fixed bug where campaign diplomatic changes would display illegal factions
  • Added Morpheus font and Bard font, updated main menu buttons with morpheus font
  • Fixed bug where item chests wouldn’t be seen open if the item dialogue was automatically opened for you
  • Fixed bug where items wouldn’t always be drawn in the chest area when the item dialogue was automatically opened for you
  • Fixed bug where Doppelgangers would inherit the special character team colour
  • Slightly reduced the height of unit timer bars
  • Fertilum Sect units now have a green timer bar (was orange)
  • When Phylactery is in play, it’ll now display a green timer showing how long you’ll have to wait before you hero resurrects
  • Already built keeps will no longer display their conversion radius when a new one is being placed
  • Fixed missing image for the Dragonslayers of Northern Reach faction when creating a hero
  • Fixed drawing issues with cover icons from small units
  • Cover icons are now drawn to the bottom right of a unit, or thereabouts (depending on the unit’s actual frame size)
  • Tweaked the particle effects for Frostblade and Venom Touch for improved performance and readability
  • Fixed missing hero item images
  • Shifted around the text and armour type icons on a unit’s armour / other details page in the control panel’s info area to ensure the text for mana regeneration and attack speed don’t exceed the info area
  • Improved the handling of casting effects for spells that are cast from units onboard a Ferry


  • Added two new missile impact sounds on buildings when hit by ice or electrical attacks
  • Added page-turning SFX to the credits when the pages are wiped
  • Fixed bug where walking sounds would not get updated when traversing terrain types
  • Acquiring crowns from a chest now plays a different sound to acquiring resources from a wagon
  • Cavaliers and Paladins now have a different death sound


  • Implemented Random Interactions world option
  • Added Cartographer research
  • Fixed bug where split damage types would not work properly in melee
  • Fixed bug where some damage would not be affected by armor and resistance (spells, explosions, perk bonuses, double damage bonuses, etc.), particularly on ranged attacks
  • Renamed old Farseeing research to Steadfast Vigil
  • Fixed resource income, it now no longer rounds to .25
  • Bleeding conditions now cause a minimum HP loss of 2 per second
  • Building repairs now give +5/+10 hp per second and reduce resource income
  • Building repairs are now halted if the player is out of required resources or the building is under attack. Players may also halt repairs on command
  • Slightly changed up the available units in the Army Selection Screen

Unaligned Siege, Fliers, Monsters, Characters & research:

  • Updated Fire Dragon sprite
  • Updated Sol Dragon sprite
  • Updated Swamp Dragon sprite
  • Updated Night Dragon sprite
  • Updated Storm Dragon sprite
  • Updated Chaos Dragon sprite
  • Updated Celestial Dragon sprite
  • Updated Frost Dragon sprite
  • Updated Dragonliche sprite
  • Updated Windmill sprite and (re)construction animation


  • Added new unit: Spearman
  • Paladin 15cmb > 18cmb, 155hp > 280hp, 22dam > 35dam, 6ASP > 7ASP, costs 80m 240c 70s and 4 army limit (was 50m 150c 37s and 2 army limit)
  • Archon 14cmb > 18cmb, 100hp > 180hp, 18dam > 35dam, costs 105st 330c 77s and 4 army limit (was 80st 250c 45s and 2 army limit)
  • Crownsmen of Bartonia: Training no longer has keep requirement
  • Gildor: Hero starts with +1 Evil (was 0)


  • Dwarf Berserker 11cmb > 14cmb, 100hp > 170hp, 14dam > 22dam, 2ASP > 5ASP, costs 115m 35st 35s and 2 army limit (was 20st 55m 18s and 1 army limit)
  • Khazrimi Guard 12cmb > 15cmb, 95hp > 160hp, 13dam > 23dam, 2ASP > 5ASP, costs 40st 120c 36s and 2 army limit (was 20st 55c 18s and 1 army limit)
  • Runes of Allfather research now gives slashing/magic damage (was magic)
  • Added new unit Knight of Terra Sanctus


  • Dread Knight 12cmb > 15cmb, 80hp > 140hp, 13dam > 23dam, 2ASP > 5ASP, morph cost 45m 10c and 2 army limit (was 20m 5c and 1 army limit)
  • Doom Knight 16cmb > 19cmb, 140hp > 270hp, 24dam > 37dam, 5ASP > 7ASP, morph cost 140m 45c and 4 army limit (was 60m 25c and 2 army limit)
  • Liche 9cmb > 13cmb, 55hp > 100hp, 13dam > 18dam, 3ASP > 6ASP, morph cost 150g 50c and 2 army limit (was 65g 20c and 1 army limit)
  • Fixed bug where Gharedlun, Garden of the Dead, would still require a Deathkeep 4 for the Chronomancy spell research (should have been Keep 4) and Deathkeep 2 for Reinforced Hull (should have been Keep 2)
  • Added Gardenkeep, Undead Smithy, Undead Cathedral, Undead Tower buildings for Gharedlun faction
  • Gharedlun buildings now emit a non-resistable slow aura
  • Rotten Flesh research costs gold instead of stone
  • Reintroduced the Torture upgrade to the Cage (Tree of Life for Gharedlun) and changed its effects to allow Dread Knights and Doom Knights to cause Bleeding (was double damage)
  • Mithril now correctly gives +6 armour when researched by Gharedlun, Garden of the Dead


  • Reaver 12cmb > 15cmb, 90hp > 150hp, 14dam > 22dam, 2ASP > 3ASP, costs 30g 90st 33s and 2 army limit (was 20g 65st 19s and 1 army limit)
  • Warlord 15cmb > 18cmb, 155hp > 290hp, 22dam > 36dam, 5ASP > 7ASP, costs 240g 80m 70s and 4 army limit (was 140g 50m 37s and 2 army limit)
  • Fixed all text references of “Archers” to correctly say Squires for the Alfheim faction
  • Alfheim now have access to the Squires from the ASP screen instead of Archers
  • Dragonslayers of the Northern Reaches: Now have access to crusade 4 and 5
  • Resources gained from killing units now no longer trigger when killing allied units


  • Updated Minotaur Brute sprite
  • Updated Minotaur Axethrower sprite
  • Updated Minotaur Shaman sprite
  • Slayer Knight 12cmb > 16cmb, 80hp > 150hp, 10dam > 15dam, 2ASP > 5ASP, costs 40st 125c 36s and 2 army limit (was 20st 65c 19s and 1 army limit). Slayer Knight has been removed from standard production and only appears as a special Minotaur faction unit. Requires Ironworks and Ziggurat Level 3 (was just Ironworks)
  • Order of the Broken Sword: has access to Minotaur Brutes, Minotaur Axethrowers, Gnolls, Axe of Sartek, Cleaving Blades, Wind of Sartek and Shaman. Dirty Fighting research is now researchable at the Arena (was Ziggurat) and affects Minotaur Brutes. Rancor is now researchable at the Altar of Sartek, no longer requires Ziggurat Level 4 and affects Minotaur Brutes. Weaponsmith 1 & 2 now affects Gnolls and Gnolls are no longer ranged units. Survival Drills now affects Minotaur Brutes and Minotaur Axethrowers
  • Order of the Iron Fist: has access to Minotaur Brutes, Minotaur Axethrowers, Minotaur Shamans, Axe of Sartek, Wind of Sartek and Shaman. No access to Pikemen, Archers, Knight Errants, Mages, Fletcher, Bowyer and Flaming Arrows. Iron Fist Mercenary: Fighter produces Pikemen, Archers and Knight Errants instead of Brutes and Gnolls and costs 50 Gold 20 Crystal & 18 seconds. Iron Fist Mercenary: Spellcaster produces Mages instead of Minotaur Shamans. Convicted Recruits now affects Iron Fist Mercenaries instead of Pikemen, Archers and Knight Errants.
  • Fixed Minotaur Spirit sprite. It no longer has a magenta shadow
  • Order of the Iron Fist has access to Slayer Knights
  • Order of Malignus has access to Slayer Knights
  • Burning Vitriol research now gives slashing/fire damage (was fire)
  • Updated Governmental Sabotage research description


  • Added new unit: Orog
  • Giant now correctly takes 10 Army Limit (was 4)
  • Resources gained from destroying buildings now no longer trigger when destroying allied buildings

High Elves:

  • Updated Celestial Hatchling sprite
  • Ice Maiden no longer requires Rune of Cielos
  • Access to Trebuchets at the Shooting Range
  • Fixed bug where the White Council’s Halcyon Phoenix wasn’t receiving the level and XP bonuses it was meant to get
  • The White Council now have access to the Halcyon Phoenix from the ASP screen instead of the normal Phoenix
  • Fixed bug where Voice of Iris wouldn’t change the range of Celestial Hatchlings
  • Ehlariel faction has access to Farseeing research and Farsee spell
  • Runes of Cielos, Animos, Manos and Vivos cost gold instead of stone
  • Moved Blizzard Call spell to White Tower (was Tower of the Moon)

Wood Elves:

  • Dryad no longer requires Rune of Cielos
  • Sylvan Elves of Solhaven: Access to Trebuchets at the Rangers’ Guild

Dark Elves:

  • Spider Priestess no longer requires Rune of Cielos, only spawns 2 spiders on death (was 6) and its skin colour has been changed to violet
  • Access to Trebuchets at the Gallery
  • Tortured Soul (1UV) 9cmb > 7cmb, 80hp > 40hp, 4arm > 0arm, 4res > 0res
  • Tortured Soul (2UV) 13cmb > 11cmb, 150hp > 70hp, 5arm > 0arm, 5res > 0res
  • Tortured Soul (4UV) 16cmb > 13cmb, 280hp > 130hp, 6arm > 0arm, 6res > 0res
  • Tortured Soul (Dragon) 20cmb > 16cmb, 500hp > 250hp, 7arm > 0arm, 7res > 0res
  • Tierremar: Hero starts with +3 Evil (was +4)
  • Doomwood: Sorcerer now has Dominate spell instead of Sunfall
  • Runes of Cielos, Animos, Manos and Mortos cost metal instead of stone


  • Farseeing research now costs stone instead of crystal
  • Eagle Eye researches now cost stone instead of crystal
  • Faerie Ring now has 35 mana (was 30)
  • Fixed bug where Sacred Guard of Vivellius Madra would not have Magic Pool available

Dark Dwarves:

  • Flame Cannons created through Khaz-Tor, the Cursed Empire’s RSB now have between 100 and 200 XP (was between 1 and 1000)
  • Implemented Verkanian RSB, also adding a new building in the process
  • Verkanian Coalition now has +50% terrain height bonuses
  • Engineering research now correctly gives +2 engineering to existing buildings (was +25% hp)


  • Balora has a violet/magenta sprite like the art
  • Implemented The Iron Fortress faction
  • Fixed description errors and production requirements for a bunch of stuff for the Dark Path faction
  • Summoning (I) for The Dark Path faction now affects Giant Bats
  • Added new building: Iron Tower


  • Halberdier 11cmb > 14cmb, 80hp > 140hp, 13dam > 20dam, 2ASP > 4ASP, no longer has any special vulnerability, costs 35g 115m 35s and 2 army limit (was 15g 50m 17s and 1 army limit)
  • Selentine Empire’s Archway now contains the correct powerups
  • Updated the help text for some of the Thalassian Empire’s buildings
  • Diraqine Empire now have their own unique RSB
  • Hearthguard RSB now correctly spawns frenzied pikemen
  • Goldor: Hero starts with 0 Neutral (was +2 Good)
  • Foreign Merc Builder now no longer produces elven wisps (and fixed a crash caused by it)
  • Thalassian Empire now have their own unique RSB
  • Fixed bug where the Earthpower button would never be active for New Lysean Peasants
  • Armorer and Weaponmaster researches now cost crystal instead of metal
  • New Lysean Empire now have their own unique RSB
  • New Lysean Empire Oracles now have Prophetic Vision spell instead of Ring of Ice
  • Added new building Wizard College for Selentine Empire (replaces Library)
  • Thalassian Empire’s Foreign Mercenary: Fighter research cost 25 Gold 80 Crystal 23 seconds (was 25 Gold 75 Crystal & 22 seconds)


  • Sun Ssrathi of Kalpaxotl now have their own unique RSB
  • Tongu, the Blessed Haven now have their own unique RSB
  • Tongu now gets access to Trade at Worker Sect


  • Added new unit Scartauri Mage for Kagh’Ri
  • Added new unit Scartauri Cleric for Fertilum
  • Fixed bug where Kagh’Ri Scartauri general would not cast invisibility
  • Famra, Mouth of Hunger now have their own unique RSB
  • The Kagh’Ri Sect now have their own unique RSB
  • The Fertilum Sect now have their own unique RSB
  • Devourers no longer decrease enemy army limit


  • Gol-Draaka zombies and ghouls now have cold/crushing damage (was cold)
  • Added new unit Cryohydra
  • Gol-Draaka now has Cryohydras instead of Clot Hydras
  • Gol-Draaka now have their own unique RSB
  • Plaguebearers of Treb T’lar now have their own unique RSB
  • Revenants of K’Oulis now have their own unique RSB


  • Implemented campaign Retinue Tasks system. Campaigns reset
  • Implemented campaign Research system. Campaigns reset
  • Implemented campaign Perma-Potions system. Campaigns reset
  • Added world, tech and hero campaign options
  • Reworked campaign difficulty effects
  • Fixed The Fifth Horseman custom campaign
  • The Phanteon now declares a Month of a unit, giving +10% discount to that unit
  • Locations on the world map may now have a climate parameter, influencing weather and travelling time based on seasons
  • Fixed bug where ambush time would overwrite travelling time, instead of adding to it
  • Fixed a few typos in CW Magee’s Conquest Campaign
  • Fixed location of Southern Selentia in CW Magee’s Conquest Campaign
  • The Fifth Horseman WBC3 Custom Campaign, The Protectors Campaign, Conquest Custom Campaign, All Chapters, The Tears of Dawn Custom Chapter, : all locations updated to faction, climate and item cursing systems
  • Wait action now opens up a new panel
  • Chapter 7 reduced difficulty of mini-game
  • Chapter 7 reduced difficulty of the Mutiny scenario
  • Prologue and Chapter 8 now correctly forces you to play Theiran Trollslayers faction (was Bartonian Knights)
  • Chapter 8 Gap of Ar mission now correctly has the southern path blocked
  • Chapter 8 made minor modifications to the events in Khaz-Agar mission
  • Reduced crown gain from Free Trade event
  • Obtaining more than 3 companions now opens the replace companion screen
  • Campaign XP ACTs now give you +5xp per hero intelligence per point bought (was +10xp per point bought)
  • Campaign heroes with special data will no longer have randomised avatars
  • Fixed bug where sometimes companions would glitch out, turning into iceguards with -1 as their name
  • Last used race/faction is now saved per campaign (was global)
  • Custom Chapter / The two Tears: Fixed crash when entering the second mission of Chapter 3 for Path of Light
  • Elana is set to Skirmisher attitude by default (was Defensive)
  • Kaari now auto-casts her spells when set to a magic casting attitude


  • Ceremony of Celune now has NIS continuation
  • Fixed bug where quest NIS events would only trigger after multiple hours instead of minutes (including tower reward quests)
  • Fixed Heroes! spawning a glitched knight hero
  • Item rewarding quests that are completed by an AI hero will now reward the item chest as normal


  • Added a default value for MAP “duration” parameter, in case it is not specified in the MAP file. This fixes old campaign scenarios with special victory conditions.
  • Implemented “link” attribute in ambushes defined in LOC files. This allows setting specific ambushes to specific paths.
  • Implemented new NIS command SetMonthOfThe. Documentation updated
  • MAP files can now define a scenario’s advanced options (noitems, noitemexchange, dropallitems, herores, nodepletion, nospoils, nostartingtowers, randomstart, unfixedalliances, oldarmylimit, AIcannotresign, iamthegreatest, norandomweather, randomevents, randominteractions, noresignationkillsaside, notoughtowers, temphero, tempherolevel, nospecialretinue)
  • Fixed bug where GetCoords NIS command would count features when using the attribute ishero
  • Implemented new NIS command SetQName. Documentation updated
  • NIS attribute charname now supports modifiers
  • Fixed bug where event condition convert a building would always set to any building
  • AddUnit NIS command now supports advanced random unit codes, like quest rewards
  • The editor can now modify height of cells of any map, regardless of terrain tiles
  • Item NIS command now supports negative values for random index categories
  • Diplomacy NIS command now has attributes sideloc and factionloc
  • Implemented new NIS modifier SIDELOC and FACTIONLOC
  • Implemented new NIS conditions retflag#. Documentation updated
  • Implemented new NIS command TechResearch. Documentation updated
  • Implemented new NIS command AddPotion. Documentation updated
  • Act NIS command now supports action type values and has thislocation attribute
  • Implemented new NIS command RetinueTask. Documentation updated
  • Fixed bug where building.cfg rules were not applying to powerups and runes
  • Added new NIS attribute cantrefuse for the AddCompanion command. Documentation updated
  • Custom campaigns and custom chapters may now define starting tech levels via .txt file

Random Map Generator

  • Increased the number of chests / resource carts found in random maps. The size of the map and the player count influence the amount



  • Fixed bug where methodologist/experimentalist perk would be modified on unsuccessful spell casts
  • Reduced requirements for experimentalist perk increase
  • Spellcasting chance displayed on the hero level up screen now takes methodologist/experimentalist perk into calculation
  • FIxed bug where Inspired Learning would trigger on spells auto-casted by items
  • Mercantile Acquaintance now spawns Verkanian Shop (was Rune Shop)
  • Unfathomable Fortitude now affects spell recovery too (including item spell recovery)
  • RSB timers now start when the RSB effects take place (was when you press the RSB button). This allows players to cancel placement RSBs without triggering the cool-down timer
  • Increased the distance at which heroes can interact with item chests and resource carts. If multiples are found together, then the closest one is chosen
  • Fixed bug where the Larceny perk was giving a 103% chance to steal an item (it should have been 3%). However, the intended chance has since been increased to 8%
  • The Larceny perk can now steal potions
  • The Goldify perk now works with melee attacks


  • Added Elder Arcana Global spell
  • Create Item will now avoid placing item chests over crown chests and resource carts
  • Foresight now affects the caster
  • Updated Gemberry description to correctly state that it doesn’t affect extraplanar creatures
  • Fixed bug where Summon Eye of Oros on high levels would set the duration to -1
  • Fixed bug where if units could not be summoned at the desired location then they would spawn at the top-left corner of the map
  • Call Archon - 40 mana > 47 mana
  • Summon Imp - 14 mana > 10 mana
  • Soulharvest - 35 mana > 20 mana
  • Daemongate - 55 mana > 44 mana
  • Summon Sprite - 11 mana > 10 mana
  • Summon Unicorn - 25 mana > 31 mana
  • Summon Treant - 40 mana > 27 mana
  • Raise Wight - 12 mana > 10 mana
  • Firecall - 40 mana > 20 mana
  • Stone Golem - 15 mana > 17 mana
  • Earthcall - 40 mana > 20 mana
  • Watercall - 40 mana > 20 mana
  • Fixed bug where spells would sometimes inherit garbage targeting data and try to affect specific unit types - going on to appear as if they had failed despite successfully being cast
  • Fixed bug where Ctrl + F spell shortcut keys weren’t being saved. Note: Already existing Heroes will need to re-assign all of their spell shortcut keys as a result of this fix
  • Spells no longer inherit poison / disease inflicting capabilities from hero items
  • Fixed bug where some building summoning spells auto-cast from a hero item wouldn’t be spawned near the hero
  • Raise Champion now costs 45 mana or less, depending on unit chosen (was 65)
  • Shamanic Call now costs 30 mana or less, depending on unit chosen (was 40)


  • New items: Flame of Elrynth, The Adamantine Shield, The Art of the Deal, Gorgoroth’s Plate, The Crown of Llewen, Daskor the Ghoulslayer, Tornok’s Redemption, Ring of Aranea, Dragon Circlet
  • Updated description for Runemaster’s Amulet
  • Items bought/accepted from campaign are first sent to the backpack and only if that is full, the item is auto-equipped
  • Help popup now shows up when hovering over items on the world map
  • Eyes of Mictlan now correctly counts as being a set item
  • Items may now have stat requirements to equip
  • Cursed text from item help popups is now displayed in red (was green)
  • The names of artefacts and equipped cursed items are now coloured blue and red respectively (was green and white respectively)
  • Fixed hero items not giving view bonuses
  • Interface may now sell/drop items from all stash pages
  • Items in the chest area (when the item dialogue is up) are now put back on your hero / in the backpack when your hero moves over a new item chest. If any item can’t be put back for whatever reason, they’ll be dropped on the floor into a newly created chest
  • Item chests / resource carts are no longer created on invalid terrain. If one were to be spawned in such a place, it’ll instead be spawned at the nearest valid location


  • Shops may now have special prices on Marketday, both in game and on world map
  • Added new shop Verkanian Trader


  • Drastically optimised the cover calculation process, reducing loading times by a considerable amount
  • Fixed some typos in Create Hero Lore screens
  • Added new cheat “iamaresearcher <powerup ID code>” which grants the player the specified powerup. The powerup ID code is the 4 character code found in Help.CFG that precedes each entry for the powerup. If a powerup ID code isn’t given, then it defaults to PSPR - which is the random Spell Research powerup code
  • Pressing escape when nothing is selected will now bring up the game menu
  • Added support for binding functions to the Pause/Break key. When editing KeyMap.TXT, type PAUSE for the relevant function's key entry. By default, the pause function is now assigned to the Pause/Break key (was F12)
  • Added new cheat “iamatimetraveller <seconds>” which advances game time by the specified number of seconds
  • Clicking on the attitude button while the attitude panel is opened will now close the attitude panel
  • Players can now adjust the max army limit cap through Tech Options - supporting any value between 10 and 250
  • Added new cheat “iamaconartist” which removes all inventory items from all AI heroes, both equipped and in the backpack. That’s crowns, hero items and potions
  • Added the Factions tab in Etheriary
  • Faction lore text now also displays Basis, Bonuses, Neutrals and Penalties of the selected faction
  • Optimised the code for retrieving the index of a cover icon
  • Increased maximum lore description text size to 512 rows (was 256)

Misc Bug fixes

  • Fixed crash caused by ordering a dead builder to construct a wall
  • Fixed crash caused by the auto-relocate stacked units option
  • Possibly fixed bug where retinue units brought over from 0.8.9 would not have a vs type in their first battle if it were to be a multiplayer battle
  • Fixed bug where Ctrl+Shift+C key combination wouldn’t work
  • Fixed bug where direct hits from lightning attacks would always miss certain buildings
  • Fixed a bunch of minor issues with Sorcery and Mysticism not applying the correct mana bonuses to the correct units
  • Fixed crash that happened when creating a new hero then choosing to cancel custom campaign selection
  • Fixed bug where Heroes and Treants couldn’t build Mortars and other minor defensive structures
  • Fixed bug where resource carts and crown chests wouldn’t deplete in very specific situations
  • Fixed bug where ordering a shift+attack would not disable the attack cursor after releasing shift
  • Fixed missing MP messages from the replay system that would have caused some playback failures
  • Fixed some odd bugs and crashes that occasionally occur when the AI casts certain spells / RSBs
  • Improved stability and performance when buildings were being destroyed while a lot was happening at once
  • Fixed bug where Hero Res wouldn’t always detect a dead hero
  • Fixed bug where Illusionary units could be picked for the new recruits

Earthpower of the Engineer can't repair the buildings in 0.89b, please help me to check it, thanks

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When AI use one Barbarian hero to begin the game, they some times just occupy the mine,and never build,please check , thinks

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