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Presenting general changes made to the game in version 0.8.9a (from 0.8.9).

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Changelog 0.8.9a



  • Fixed bug where Baron and Count AIs would only build a single Dreamhold
  • Fixed crash caused by the AI struggling to work out threats when there’s a lot of towers on the map
  • Units now auto-attack enemy empowering souls
  • The side AI will no longer prioritise enemy critters or souls over other enemy units
  • Skirmisher units no longer stop and “wait” when given an attack order if the route to their fallback destination was that very moment obstructed. In this situation, they will now attack if they are in range of their target
  • AI sides no longer seek and destroy walls. Their units will of course still attack them if they encounter them on route to their main destination
  • Improved the AI’s handling of Zombies when they have the ability to morph to Ghouls
  • The AI now uses a building's highest level to determine its construction category
  • AI no longer sends resources to allies when in Unfixed Alliances game mode
  • Auto-casting attitudes will no longer check for electric resistant units when looking to cast Purify (as the spell deals magic damage)
  • Fixed bug where AI keeps could convert and build at the same time
  • Lower level AIs no longer construct a building within a certain timeframe of their last constructed one (2 minutes for Barons, 1:30 minutes for Counts and 45 seconds for Dukes)
  • Fixed bug where AI sides were ignoring Divine Peace
  • AI sides no longer try and hunt down a unit in a tower or on a Ferry
  • The AI can now use non-native builder units to build
  • Fixed bug where the AI would still produce builder units when it no longer had a need for them
  • Auto-casting attitudes will no longer cast Soul Flame
  • Pausing the game now stops all AI side functions
  • The AI now pick their starting units from the same lists that the player has access to. In addition to that, it’ll now correctly abide by the ASP costs
  • Limited what units Barons and Counts can pick from the Army Selection Screen
  • Dukes and higher will always try and take at least 1 general from the Army Selection Screen if it can afford it
  • Dukes won’t ever pick any more than 1 general from the Army Selection Screen
  • Demigods get a 33% increase to their ASP
  • Fixed bug where the AI’s special character list wasn’t being properly initialised, resulting in more special characters than allowed and some special characters having 0XP
  • Undead AI now build more Gravestones
  • Fixed bug where Ancestral Totems would never be available to the AI
  • Fixed bug where the AI could still morph Dread Knights into Doom Knights when leading the Licheguard of Zhur faction
  • Improved the AI’s production handling of Foreign Mercenary style units
  • AI keeps no longer try to convert within the first 3 minutes of the game
  • Heroes controlled by iamaveggie can now use potions and RSBs
  • Fixed bug where Servile Horde would get stuck indefinitely in the AI's resource list when they couldn't research it (didn't have the perk) and would prevent them from researching all powerups for the entire battle
  • Fixed bug where unregistered powerups and buildings could make the AI think it had less assets than it actually had and in some cases lead them to only building a keep and produce builders
  • The AI can now produce the same unit from multiple different buildings (so Skeletons from Gravestones and Graveyards, Thralls from Prisons and Ziggurats etc...)
  • Further optimised the AI’s production handling
  • A group of units will no longer all auto-cast their spells at the same time
  • Enemy heroes now count as 5 enemy units for the purpose of working out nearby threats for a unit
  • Reduced the auto-cast spell detection radius to be slightly less than the spell’s actual radius to help avoid instance of units missing with their spells
  • The AI no longer spams Egg Chambers
  • AI heroes will now drop their items when killed by other AI sides (was only human sides and the neutral side)
  • Drastically increased the speed at which the game works out what items to give AI heroes
  • Fixed bug where the AI would pay to use a weather changing spell from a building when the weather it wanted to change to was already in affect (The spell itself still wasn’t cast, so it didn’t even provoke Weatherlock)
  • Fixed bug where the AI was counting dead bodies when working out whether it should sacrifice its builder units for the Sacrifice abilities
  • No Building game modes no longer change AI levels to Rampant, but instead make them act like Rampant. This is so AI level dependent features still remain, such as the number of items they carry, response time etc…
  • Fixed bug where the AI couldn’t use perk specific and faction specific spells on their units if the player didn’t have the same faction
  • AI sides and auto-cast attitudes can now use Bribery from Praetors and Assassins
  • The AI will now reserve resources for powerups that have been lingering in their production system and unaffordable for over 5 minutes
  • Fixed bug where the AI would still send all of its builder units into mines if it had a hero on the map
  • The AI now checks perks and faction abilities when working out the max worker capacity for a mine
  • AI heroes (and those with auto-cast attitudes) can now use Bribery, Warcry, Viral Mutation and Necroplague
  • The AI can now use the Trade abilities
  • Reduced King AI’s army limit hard cap to 100 (from 125)
  • Fixed an issue with hate indexes not being set up properly


  • Changed the casting effect of Summon Archon to a yellow ring and Earthcall to a green ring for consistency with those types of spells
  • Fixed bug where changing diplomacy would not always state which faction(s)
  • Diplomacy has changed screen now supports up to 7 lines of text
  • Slain heroes with a completed item set no longer emit green sparkles after losing their items through Drop All Items
  • Fixed a bunch of minor aesthetic issues for many factions, such as incorrect text, empty buildings, blank space between items in the build windows, visible but not usable building ability buttons etc….
  • Fixed bug where buildings that auto-regenerate HP would not clear any fires
  • Summon spells that were affected by Portal Disruption now display the correct spell level and are also accompanied by additional text saying “Portal Disrupted!”
  • Spells affected by Conjurer now display the modified spell level in the spellbook and when the spell has been cast
  • Doppelgangers now display your hero’s name in the control panel
  • Fixed bug where building names weren’t being displayed in the control panel for non-tower defensive structures
  • Defensive structures that are converting now display their conversion percentage
  • Fixed some control panel related display issues with units that have a hero avatar (such as those created from some quests, resurrected enemy heroes etc...) This may have also fixed a crash with selecting a recruited unit that has a hero avatar
  • Abilities with cool-down timers (such as Bribery, Hostile Acquisition, Viral Mutation etc...) now display the timer in the popup help box that appears when hovering the mouse cursor over ability icons
  • Hero faction is now displayed on Hero Info and Hero Selection screens


  • Reduced the volume of sandstorms / blizzards
  • Fixed bug where footstep sounds would cause detached-origin issues and re-enabled the option in the main game options
  • Changed the casting sound of Blessing
  • Fixed TPC Extended soundtrack, which was playing tracks which no longer existed (ExtraLordBane and ExtraTravel8_WhiteMountains)
  • Harpy now has two possible death sounds
  • Units affected by Firebreath now play the fire shooting attack sound
  • Coughing and sneezing sounds are now only used for units suffering from poison or disease
  • Units with a one-time use spear now play a throwing sound when using the spear
  • Changed the ambient sound of the Rangers’ Guild
  • Doppelgangers now have the same voice as your hero
  • Corrected the voices for units that have a hero avatar


  • Cover system now works on four levels and is displayed for each unit
  • Starvation no longer suspends production percentage (production stops at 99%)
  • Foreign Mercenary and friends now check against the army limit (but count as 1 UV)
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs with unit and research requirements for many factions
  • Updated Spell Researches for all factions
  • Factions that have removed buildings from their tech tree can no longer use them if they were to convert them from another race
  • Updated the Army Selection Screen to reflect the chosen faction
  • Random races now also randomises the faction
  • Units under the effects of Chaos no longer ignore the penalties of Fear, Awe and being Blind
  • Units that naturally transmit disease are once again immune to the effects of disease
  • Units with non-mana opperable abilities, such as Bribery, now use a cool-down timer unique to them, instead of a shared global one
  • All wall structures have a view of 5 (was a varying amount from 5, 8 and 15)
  • Keep army limit additions per level are now +10,15,20,25,30,35 (was +30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55)

Unaligned Siege, Fliers, Monsters, Characters & research:

  • Totems, Clay Guardian, Iron Guardian, Stone Guardian now stop defeat
  • Fire Elementals now get -10 resistance when floating over water terrain


  • Each faction has a unique RSB


  • Each faction has a unique RSB


  • Each faction has a unique RSB
  • Fixed bug where Morph to Ghoul wasn’t checking for gold costs correctly for Gharedlun - Garden of the Dead faction
  • Gharedlun - Garden of the Dead faction now have Knight Towers for their starting towers


  • Each faction has a unique RSB
  • Fixed bug where Hunters of Daros still had access to some walls
  • Tribesmen and Reavers that acquire the ability to build from Conqueror of the Plains no longer count as builders when garrisoned in a tower
  • Fixed bug where Hidden Refuge (from Alfheim, the Lost Valley faction) would activate for any Keeps, including those still under construction
  • Witch Doctors now have the correct attack speed (1 attack per 1.8 seconds by default as opposed to 1.5 seconds)


  • Each faction has a unique RSB
  • Order of Malignus’ Nightmares now cost 150 Metal 50 Stone & 37 seconds (was 135 Metal 115 Stone & 1 second)
  • Order of Malignus’ Cultists now cost 25 Gold, 70 Crystal & 22 seconds (was 30 Gold, 10 Crystal & 0 seconds)
  • Order of the Broken Swords’ Gnolls can now hit both ground and flying targets
  • New Minotaur Spirit unit


  • Orc Infantry from the Darkmyr faction now deal piercing damage with their spears (was slashing) and no longer count as being a missile unit when garrisoned in a tower if they still had their one-time use spear
  • Goblins that acquire the ability to build from Servile Horde no longer count as builders when garrisoned in a tower
  • Goblin 7 Combat > 6 Combat, Cost 5 Metal 20 Stone 8 Seconds (was 5 Metal 15 Stone 7 Seconds)
  • Kobold Sniper 6 Range > 10 Range, Attack Speed 1.74 > 2.1

High Elves:

  • Each faction has a unique RSB
  • Dragon Knights are now immune to Fear, Terror, Despair and Frenzy

Wood Elves:

  • Each faction has a unique RSB
  • Forestguards from the Solhaven faction no longer count as being missile units when garrisoned in a tower if they still had their one-time use spear
  • Dryads are now correctly labelled as Mages (they were labelled as Archers)
  • Solhaven’s Dryads can no longer convert
  • New Nymph unit for Solhaven (general unit, takes the place of the Ancient Treant)

Dark Elves:

  • Each faction has a unique RSB
  • Spider 40HP > 35HP, 8 Damage > 7 Damage, Cost 20 Metal 5 Crystal 8 Seconds (was 15 Metal 5 Crystal 7 Seconds)


  • Banshee now causes Awe (was fear while casting scare spells)
  • Sylph 7 Combat > 6 Combat, 40HP > 30HP, 7 Damage > 6 Damage, Cost 5 Gold 20 Crystal 8 Seconds (was 10 Gold 10 Crystal 7 Seconds)
  • Each faction has a unique RSB

Dark Dwarves:

  • Each faction has a unique RSB
  • Stone Golem 4 Speed > 5 Speed, 20 Damage > 27 Damage
  • Iron Golem 20 Damage > 21 Damage


  • Each faction has a unique RSB


  • Some factions have unique RSB
  • Cultural Utopia from the Diraqine faction now only gives +1 morale per race that you have at least 1 unit from (from the respective 5 races only)


  • Fixed bug where Dark Sacrifice for the Night Ssrathi of Tzicolotl faction was displaying incorrect summoning chances
  • Iriki’s sun-beam attack will now cause immolation on critical hits, just like traditional fire attacks



  • Bloodspawns are now permanently under the effects of Frenzy
  • Pre-placed Bloodspawns now also have the Bleeding condition


  • Changed display of calendars in accordance to racial lore
  • Plaguelord mercenaries no longer seek hiring in orc settlements
  • The Protectors Campaign Dragon’s Maze escape mission: the ssrathi no longer attack you after killing their leader
  • Fixed various bugs and typos in custom chapters
  • Updated The War of the Broken Oath campaign
  • Updated The Duernothian Cult custom chapter
  • Fixed various typos in official chapters and their cutscenes
  • Reworked some dialogue lines in official chapters to make more sense and fit lore better
  • Adjusted Duskshroud’s starting hero info
  • Chapter 1 White Mountains location renamed to Agarian Mountains
  • Chapter 1 Agarian Mountains scenario now requires 3 frost dragons to win (was 12)
  • Chapter 1 Colonise the Land scenario now uses a better messaging system when units spawn
  • Added Ehlariel ambush in Chapter 1
  • Chapter 1 updated Ehlariel map
  • Duskshroud may now demand passage from Khazdhul
  • Duskshroud Hero Bonus now changed to Bane’s Agent (was Cavalier Master)
  • Chapter 1 hero and special character no longer cause defeat if killed
  • Chapter 1 Ragnar’s Pass mission now has you fighting orcs (was high elves) and replaced gnoll lair with undead lair
  • Chapter 1 final mission reduced difficulty and reworked some triggers and lairs
  • Chapter 2 locations rearranged and relinked to better fit lore
  • Chapter 2 reworked Darkwall Mountains mission: changed terrain, added more features, mines and sides and knights are now true neutral (were enemies)
  • Chapter 2 slavers mission now has an extra choice to ally with Knights of Guardia instead of barbarians
  • Chapter 2 slavers mission your ally no longer tries to steal your mines
  • Chapter 2 slavers mission slightly adjusted difficulty setting by moving mines, units and adding new sides
  • Chapter 2 last stand mission: reduced number of white trees to 2 (was 4), increased enemy unit spawn and added an extra undead side
  • Chapter 2 added extra scenario on Sundered Isle
  • Chapter 3 corrected some locations and location names
  • Chapter 3 Khaz Agar scenario now respawns your allies whenever they get defeated
  • Chapter 3 Khaz Agar scenario slightly changed terrain and increased dwarven AI levels
  • Chapter 3 added new scenario
  • Chapter 3 Borderlands scenario now has fixed empire and plaguelord sides only
  • Chapter 3 added trees in the Sserin jungle scenario, orc sides are now goblin mountain faction and player now correctly gets defeated if the cave is destroyed
  • Chapter 3 Gront companion now starts with 540 xp
  • Chapter 3 reduced difficulty of first Lysea scenario
  • Adjusted Sobek’s starting hero info
  • Chapter 4 reduced difficulty of first scenario and the rift scenario
  • Chapter 4 added appropriate portraits to The Seers and Istral
  • Chapter 4 added trees in the New Selentia jungle scenario
  • Chapter 4 New Selentia location renamed to Yaoc
  • Chapter 4 reduced difficulty of the first Exile scenario, added more features to allow chameleons to blend and added the messenger closer to the player’s group
  • Fixed Anagain not having a faction (and no faction perk)
  • Chapter 5 changed starting location to Solhaven (was Silvermyr) and added more context
  • Chapter 5 player can now play with the wood elves until army is sent to King Lunarion
  • Chapter 5 updated Ehlariel map
  • Chapter 5 added more locations and scenarios in Agaria and Zhur
  • Chapter 6 caravan speed is now 1 (was 3)
  • Chapter 6 reduced difficulty of Beast Pass scenario
  • Chapter 6 reacquaintance scenario, Melvin’s side now shares vision
  • Chapter 6 reduced difficulty of last mission
  • Chapter 7 reduced difficulty of second Lysea mission
  • Chapter 7 third Lysea mission now triggers essential monologue without needing to destroy the level 5 Palace
  • Chapter 7 Sundered Isle mission now has appropriate daemon champion portrait in dialogue and uses actual Sobek hero data from previous chapter
  • Chapter 7 Sundered Isle mission now has unbugged buildings
  • WBC3 campaign is now named The Fifth Horseman (was The Hero of Etheria)
  • Fixed chapter 1 not playing the intended song in dialogs
  • Fixed last mission in The Fifth Horseman Campaign not releasing demons as it should
  • Added decursers in all official chapters


  • Fixed crash caused by some quest failure penalties


  • Implemented outdoors/indoors layer editor (CTRL+O in editor main menu). Indoor tiles will always be considered night-time and never be affected by weather
  • Implemented new NIS command VictoryCondition. Documentation updated
  • Fixed bug where Act NIS command would work erroneously
  • Implemented new NIS command ReviveSide. Documentation updated
  • Side Defeated event condition is now timed and looped
  • Implemented shortcut keys to copy all features, copy all buildings, copy all armies, copy all terrain and their paste correspondents in the editor (CTRL+F,B,A,T and ALT+F,B,A,T)
  • Implemented decurser ACT
  • LocOwner NIS command can now modify location faction, description and seen attributes
  • The Play Test function in the map editor now also saves the map before attempting to play it
  • Trying to use the Play Test function in the map editor when not all start locations have been defined will now display the start location error message instead of playing the map
  • Implemented new NIS command SetHate. Documentation updated

Random Map Generator

  • Fixed bug where non-team start locations weren’t synced across multiplayer
  • Start locations are no longer flattened when No Building is enabled


  • Improved most existent skirmish missions
  • Removed a Sarteks Shelter duplicata
  • Fixed a crash when loading Lyseas historical scenario


  • Fixed crash caused by missing text for the Viral Mutation perk
  • Fixed a bunch of other bugs with Viral Mutation and Necro Plague perks
  • Fixed bug where the activation of Righteous Fury would result in random damage values for the hero
  • TPC dev heroes now carry a complete item set in their backpacks (was the Hammer of Morannin)
  • Fixed bug where Fear emitted by the Ruler of Sky perk would also affect grounded and floating units, as well as doubling up with Fear emitted from another unit
  • Swiftness and Dexterity tooltips now show total attack speed
  • Traditionalist/Liberalist perk now applies at the end of battle
  • Psych perks no longer apply in no hero matches and no building matches
  • Methodologist/Experimentalist perk now applies only if the spell was successful
  • AI heroes can now be equipped with cursed items
  • Backpack items from AI heroes now have their curse data synced across multiplayer
  • Added backwards compatibility for 0.8.9 heroes
  • The Soothsaying perk now offers a view range of 30 (was 50)
  • Units that pass an Unthinkable Torment roll will now gain Courage like they would do when rolling for any other psyche effect
  • Mighty Blow no longer affects ranged weapons with the exception of “throwing” weapons
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs with Servile Horde
  • Fixed bug where a Warrior’s Warcry required mana and would never successfully cast
  • Fixed bug where Assimilation and Enlightened Tutelage’s timings would become erratic if your hero had some other timed based perks
  • Assimilation and Enlightened Tutelage no longer pick already obtained researches, will only pick a higher level multi-leveled research if you have the previous level for it and now display text on screen stating the name of the research you have just acquired
  • Fixed bug where Bloodrite damage wasn’t being synced across multiplayer nor would it trigger the Cult Master perk
  • Fixed bug where Blood of Emrik wouldn’t protect against Critical Mana-Drains from lightning ranged attacks
  • Fixed crash caused by the Fey Mirrorwood Network perk
  • Fixed bug where Nature’s Plight wasn’t checking the correct side’s army limit, allowing the perk owner to obtain units past the army limit
  • Nature’s Plight, Hearthguard and Order of the Red Maw now check that your hero is alive before offering the perk’s effects
  • Fixed bug where Weaver of Tales could summon special characters
  • Fixed bug where unspent temporary hero skill points would stack between games
  • Timer based perks that spawn units now obey the army limit
  • Fixed bug where perks that were designed to only work when your hero was in a tower would also work when your hero was onboard a Ferry
  • Fixed bug where Phylactery wouldn’t work
  • Reduced Frenzied Mechanic’s cool-down duration to 1 minute (from 3)
  • Fixed bug where Conqueror of the Plains perk would allow Tribesmen, Reavers, RIders and Warlords to enter mines
  • Taskmaster no longer works on titans
  • Fixed bug where Death Rites wasn’t working and corrected a description error for it
  • Units enslaved by Taskmaster no longer leave a dead body behind
  • Fixed bug where perks that give units and buildings at the start of the battle weren’t working for clients in multiplayer
  • Buildings placed by hero perks now check for terrain legality
  • Fixed bug where the hero would become introverted even if there were no interaction buildings on the map
  • Fixed bug where Tactician would incorrectly give +0.2 armor/resistance per level (now correctly gives +0.5)
  • Fixed bug where Warlocks could cast spells for free while garrisoned
  • Thirst for Immortality and Ur-Ghoul’s Aura perks now correctly give +1 Regeneration and Energy respectively (was +1 HP and mana) per enemy affected


  • Fixed bug where Skeleton Cavalry were labeled as Shadows in the Raise Champion dialogue
  • Illusionary units can no longer be affected by Bribery, Seduction or Whispers of Madness
  • Berserker no longer affects heroes
  • Calm and Reset can now remove Despair
  • Fixed some typos in the spellbook and improved some spell descriptions
  • Fixed Foresight spell not working at all
  • Fixed bug where any unit (and building!) could cast Righteous Fury upon casting a Healing spell if your hero had the Righteous Fury perk
  • Fixed crash caused by using Elcor’s Balm if your hero had the Righteous Fury perk
  • Fixed bug where the cooldown timer on casting Elcor’s Balm would not be reset between battles
  • Fixed typo on the Righteous Fury spell icon
  • Added 8 more spell shortcut keys, accessed by holding down Ctrl along side the function keys
  • Choosing a location to summon a building to (including the destination of Blink) will now move the location to within the spell radius if the destination were to go beyond it
  • Units affected by Firebreath that could only hit ground targets can now hit flying targets as well
  • Siege Weapons are no longer affected by damage-altering spells
  • Blink Group’s range is now "spell range +(5*spell level)" (Was "spell range +(20*spell level)", which was redundant since 25 is the max range)
  • Units already casting a spell within a group selection will be ignored when the player issues another spell casting order - provoking a different unit to act on the spell order
  • Reset now only targets units / buildings that can be affected by it
  • Fixed bug where missile spells would always miss their target if the caster had such low combat
  • Mind Leech no longer steals XP from friendly units, including your own
  • Fixed bug where Transform wouldn’t always work on units with combat buffs


  • Possibly fixed bug where the cursed item text could show up in the campaign stash / spoils of war when moving the mouse cursor between non-cursed items
  • Chapter / Campaign specific items are now removed from heroes when going into a multiplayer lobby and placed in the item stash. If there’s no room in the stash for these items, then they are moved to the “ground” and the stash is forced open when you enter the lobby to draw your attention to this. If there’s still not enough room on the ground for the excess illegal items, then they’ll replace the items in your stash - working backwards from the last item in your last accessible page
  • Miracle of Healing now improves the HP amount of healing spells by +60 (was giving fiery missiles)
  • Each item now a 25% chance to append a hint about the previous owner’s race to the item’s description. However, a randomly cursed item will always have this information
  • A triggered item map will now only change all items to Blight Stones (was perma-cursing all items)
  • Unit summoning spells from items now check the army limit before attempting to be cast


  • Fixed bug where destroying a shop in a multiplayer game would spawn more guards and items than it should


  • Corrected Navarre (to Navaar) name all over the game, even campaigns
  • Players can now skip world map dialogues with the escape key
  • Moved team joining / leaving messages to the side message system
  • Limited the number of centre messages to 5+1 (the +1 being the special one for paused messages and the likes)
  • Units reported as being stuck on top of another unit (and thus can’t be attacked) will now have the host relocate that unit to a nearby valid cell. If there are no nearby valid locations to move the unit to, then it will be destroyed instead. This functionality is option and controlled through the main game options. In multiplayer, the game will use the host’s settings for this, regardless of what the client(s) have set
  • Corrected various typos
  • Added help text to the building and walls/towers construction buttons for when they aren’t available
  • Casting Bribery, Scavenge, Feast of Garok and Feast of Flesh with a group of units selected will now ignore units already on their cool-down timer from casting the ability before - allowing another unit in the group with the ability to cast it
  • Fixed broken hotkeys with some abilities
  • Added text strings for neutral perk
  • Rotten Flesh research description is more accurate
  • Bloodlust research description now correctly says it affects all units (instead of Barbarians and War Dogs)
  • Fixed a grammatical error in the Shaman’s Hut building description (now says it produces Goblin Shamans instead of Goblin Shamen)
  • Dark Mithril now correctly says it gives +2 armor instead of +6
  • Changes some text in the loading screens
  • Changed character “killed” message to character “fallen” to allow more story telling flexibility and to align better with the hero fallen vanilla message
  • Implemented autosave option
  • Build and spawn cheats now place the object at the coords of an existing selected unit, or if none are present, then at the location of the mouse cursor
  • Added new cheat command “getcelldata” which prints the important map cell data from under the mouse cursor (or selected unit / building) to a multiplayer message. This cheat command works even in multiplayer and when I Am The Greatest is enabled. This command was created for debugging purposes to retrieve the data from a corrupted map cell, commonly seen in multiplayer, to help us in finding out the cause of these corrupt cells
  • Added new cheat command “iamaracist” which resets the RSB timers for all sides
  • Tech option “No Starting Towers (RMG)” is now only usable when a random map is selected

Misc Bug fixes

  • Fixed crash when drag selecting ground units (Ctrl + dragging)
  • Fixed bug where Thralls had no production text in the Prison
  • Fixed bug where some saved games wouldn’t load
  • Fixed bug where negative Engineering (from hero skills, items and the likes) would drop a building’s HP to 1
  • Fixed bug where Holy Word could only be activated if there were evil enemy units nearby (and increased the cool down duration to 3 seconds (from 1))
  • Fixed bug where Heroes and Treants couldn’t build Totems or Mortars
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs with Frenzy
  • Fixed bug where you could research Hero Resurrection in No Heroes mode
  • Fixed bug where a unit suffering from a psyche condition would still roll again for the same condition each time it encountered a unit that emitted that condition, resulting in the psyche duration being repeatedly reset
  • Fixed bug where Prisons in legacy maps (those that predate version 0.8.9) wouldn’t be loaded properly
  • Fixed bug where Rampant units could get permanently stuck on objects if it completely blocked the route to their randomly-chosen destination
  • Fixed crash caused by the death of a Scartauri Priest while it was facing SE
  • Fixed bug where the Etheriary would not get wholy reset when resetting chapters and custom chapters
  • Fixed crash when entering the skirmish lobby after playing through a campaign or chapter where the ASP scrollbar would inherit corrupt data from the previous game mode
  • Fixed bug where crown chests and resource carts could only be placed around the top left corner of a map
  • Fixed bug where saved games would not record which custom campaign it was, causing weird campaign overlaps
  • Fixed strange issues caused by having Drop All Items enabled while the number of ASP was greater than 0
  • Fixed some other bugs with Drop All Items, more specifically with item and chest placement
  • Fixed bug where the player couldn't change their team request number in Unfixed Alliances
  • Fixed bug where the centre messages didn't move their text box up with them when they scrolled upwards, resulting in visual issues when long text would move up into a short text box
  • Fixed bug where FoW / Hidden Map weren’t being updated correctly by a newly converted building
  • FIxed bug where faction army limit changes were not applying
  • Fixed bug where Terror had no effect on units that were suffering from multiple psyche conditions
  • Fixed bug where the faction cache would get corrupted when loading in multiple factions for the same race
  • Fixed a rare bug where it was possible to start the production of a titan after already producing one
  • Fixed bug where campaign diplomacy conditions would sometimes not work
  • Fixed crash when Dragonguard of Drak Dum was researched
  • Fixed bug where RSBs would become available after hero resurrection
  • Fixed bug where loading a saved game of a campaign ambush would ruin the whole campaign data

Doomstone, Earthpower and possibly more spells of geomancy school are bugged and not working properly.

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Fixed in the next patch, thanks for the report!

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