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BennuGD focuses on modularity and portability and makes it easy for both beginners and experienced users to create their own games.

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BennuGD (also referred as Bennu Game Development or Bennu) is a high-level open source video game development suite, originally created as a Fenix Project fork by Argentinian hacker SplinterGU. It is officially supported for Windows, Linux, and GP2X Wiz,[2] but can also be run on multiple other platforms to some extent, including FreeBSD[3], Mac OS X,[4], iOS,[5] and consoles such as GP2X, Dingoo A320, and Wii.[6] Most recently BennuGD has been ported to Sega Dreamcast and PlayStation 2.

BennuGD focuses on modularity and portability and makes it easy for
both beginners and experienced users to create their own games.[original research?]


BennuGD is a console application. There are several integrated development environments (IDE) available, but none are officially supported. The package includes a compiler, run-time code, and different shared libraries to extend core functionality.[citation needed]

BennuGD was created as a Fenix Project fork by the argentinian hacker SplinterGU after some disagreements in the Fenix Project's community.[1]
Media coverage

In January 2010, the first part of a two-part series of articles on BennuGD was published in the Spanish TodoLinux magazine.In February 2010, the second part was published.

Main features

  • Interpreted language, C and Pascal mix: very simple and powerfull.
  • Multi platform extreme: work in all 32/64 windows versions, Linux, MACOS, IOS, BEOS, BSD, GP32, PANDORA, GP2X. DINGUX, ANDROID, and in general any OS with SDL library support.
  • Process (multithread programming).
  • Software Renderer and 3D Hardware supported .
  • Graphics in mode 8, 16, 24, 32 bits, sprite rotations, scale, alpha blending, blendops, aditive and sustractive blits , etc
  • Mode 7 and Mode 8.
  • Playing sounds in formats WAV, PCM and Ogg Vorbis.
  • Playing music modules in format IT, MOD, s3m and XM and OGG.
  • DLL/.so external libraries support .

Official page


Source code page


Installer tools and examples for Beginners


Dreamcast Port


Playstation 2 Port




Native Client Port


Wii, PSP, iOS, Android, etc... ports


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