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Full description of mod: Belgium a world major version 4.2.1

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Belgium a world major
version 4.2.1

Version of the game supported: 1.7.1
DLC required for optimal operation:
"Together for Victory", "Death or Dishonor" and "Waking the Tiger".
DLC supported (not required): Man the Gun
Note: playable without DLC (some content will not be available)
Supported languages: French / English / German / Spanish

Exclusive contents of the mod:

Parliament system for Belgium with many decisions and triggers

Focus Tree for: Belgium, Belgian Congo and Luxembourg
Exclusive icons of focus trees
Many events with pictures
Political Advisers
Political leaders with colorized portraits
Belgian Generals and Marshals with colorized portraits
2 admirals for belgium with colorized portraits
2 countries created by release: Republics of the Councils of Bavaria and Kingdom of Prussia.
3 Additional formable countries by focus: Brittany, Rhineland and Northern France.
Technological trees for Belgium personalized with many colored icons and specific hardware name.
Bookmarks 1936 and 1939 including Belgium
Many flags
Decisions allowing the creation of several puppet states.
New formable states by decisions
New opinion modifiers

Two special features for Belgian generals

Content coming from other mods (my mods available on moddb):
-Reskin complete for Belgium
-Europe formable unconditionally
-New non-aligned political advisor

-Expanded autonomy system

And many, many other things .....

compatible mods:

-MI2: Generic-: Steamcommunity.com

-MI2: Red Army-: Steamcommunity.com

-MI2: Extended Generic (Non-Ironman)-: Steamcommunity.com

-MI2: Death or Dishonour-: Steamcommunity.com

-Additionnal Tank Technologies (english only): Steamcommunity.com

--MI2: France- : Steamcommunity.com

This mod was designed to represent Belgium during the Second World War. As at the time, different scenarios are possible. Maintain democracy, turn to fascism or communism. The decisions you make will change the course of history not only for Belgium, but will also have an impact on the course of the war. Notably by the entry into the war or not of certain countries.

This mod required many hours of research, coding and working on images. I did it alone with sometimes a lot of difficulties. I am not a programmer. If you want to redistribute it or integrate it into your own mod I just ask 2 things:
1) ask me for permission
2) quote me as the original creator and share the link to this mod

Installation of the mod:
-download the belgium 4.2.1 archive
-Decompress here
-copy / paste the content into your mod folder
-activate the mod at the launch of the game

Attention if you have a previous version it is imperative to delete it. Indeed, many files have been modified / renamed / deleted it is not an update but a new version of the mod.

For any suggestions / bug reports / questions: note them in the comments.

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