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I return to the Bay12 thread on MyWorld, whereas I responded a second large peice.

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Players are removed from power, currently, by being beaten in a sort of face-off in a siege. The idea of assassination is a fun idea I have yet to play with, but I suspect that if they intend to go to sleep, they should do it in a well-guarded location by NPCs.

When a player logs off, they go to sleep at their location, causing their player to settle down where they are. To stop people from just nodding off on a road, like most people do, or in a town square, you'd obviously have rules and consequences. If you fall asleep in a street, for example, you could be taken to jail till you wake up, perhaps. As for being looted whilst asleep, the body will remain, therefore, enabling the ability to be looted.

@Temporary Ban
Maybe rather than being put in some godly-jail, maybe being thrown into a dank and smelly jail, sort of like how Morrowind did the jail-system, where you come out with stats decreased.

@Logging off long time

Being taken over by an NPC would be far too complicated, not to mention players could just log off for a while, come back, and have their stats increased, or, something.

It's called Stamina, not constitution, in Myworld. If a player swims, they become more athletic - same for running, the two are alike. Repetative diving will increase diving time length, but doing it repetatively constantly should cause dizziness and eventual incacipitation, or, moreso "Being worn out".

If a stranger started talking to you, in real life, would you then entrust them to go shopping for you? Precisely. I don't understand what genius in the mmorpg development scene came up with the idea that people would entrust strangers to do these things for them! T'is plain common sense, that they wouldn't.

I'm not sure how extinction would work, except perhaps maybe, some variable that tracks the region's populations of creatures, then every time one is killed, the number is reduced. Every 10 reduces the creature count in the region by 1 or so, whilst over time the population would increase. (Creatures * Creatures) / 20 = Offspring, or something, perhaps. This would be interesting to see, though, to see how players would react. Preservation attempts and repopulation, perhaps. The thrill of seeing a very rare bird flying by, perhaps the bird was captured and sold on the black market for their beautiful song, and this player hears it, enjoys it, then leaves. The player then goes on to create a repopulation attempt of this bird, and 10 years later in-game, the forest is filled with that beautiful song. Just me rambling, though.

@Guild Quests
Guilds would give quests to their members, or perhaps a certain player made their guild to give out quests/errands to anybody - sort of like a Bounty Hunter's Guild, I suppose. I guess it depends on how the Guild Leader wants his Guild to be - open or secretative.
Quests should be given out when they are needed. If a guild is run by players, the players can make the quests and post on their board, or some sort of Quest Giver at the desk. Example, go collect x amount of Opice Wood / Shinerock Gems / etc.
As for hunting quests, maybe the guild/quest giver will want the creature's head as proof, or talon, tooth, etc. Of course, that opens the opportunity for the sneaky player to go to the black market and buy a tooth, turn that in, then run away with the reward, leaving the town to it's fate under the monster's reign of terror.

- Star Magic
To be honest, I havn't put much thought into Star Magic yet. It's sort of like, a sixth sense, whereas the first five need to be thought out, first.

- Natural Magic
Maybe I explained it wrong... Magic is magic. There isn't a fire magic, a wind magic, a water magic, etc. Magic is a lifeforce, a magic force. You can then use that magic to manipulate and control elements, nature... I have an example from an old "Bible" I was working on for MyWorld, here. One moment. It's quite a hefty peice.

The Tale of Vaelrim

Part III – Chapter I

Vaelrim, sixth son of Ilith Gretis, began to dabble into what sustained the life of living beings. He began by examining common insentient plants and a number of sentient plants with their permission. For a hundred years, he sat and watched them day by day, fully aware of his immortality, pondering upon his theory.
He came to the conclusion that some sort of essence, a tiny portion of the sun and Uríl himself, was in every living being, and a tinier amount in the unliving. Soils and rocks carried the Physical remains of beings. Seas and rain, the fluids of beings. The wind and air, the voice of beings. Fire and Warmth, the emotions of beings.
When a being dies, their remnants are split between these four, these elements.
Vaelrim attempted to grasp the soils, which he could hold.
Vaelrim attempted to grasp the seas, which slipped away from his grasp.
Vaelrim attempted to grasp the winds, which howled and whipped away from his touch.
Vaelrim attempted to grasp the fires, which hissed and burned at his intrusions.
Vaelrim spent another hundred years pondering on why he was not able to grasp the elements, till he realised that the elements were not physical, but emotions.
So, Vaelrim stroked the soils with his hands, to which it replied, “Do not worry, Vaelrim, son of Ilith.”
Vaelrim cried to the seas, to which it replied, “do not cry, Vaelrim, son of Ilith.”
Vaelrim screamed to the wind, to which it replied, “do not scream, Vaelrim, son of Ilith.”
Vaelrim yelled and cursed to the fires, to which it replied, “do not be angry, Valerim, son of Ilith.”
Vaelrim replied to each with, “Why do you not allow me to grasp you, and hold you?”
Each simply said, “You do not speak our language.”
“How can I learn your language, if you do not teach me?” He said.
“You must listen to hear.”

Part III – Chapter II

Vaelrim spent a hundred years in the mountains, listening to the tumbling of rocks in the peaks and the echoes of the valley.
Vaelrim spent a hundred years in the seas, listening to the sighs of waves and the bubbling of the sea creatures.
Vaelrim spent a hundred years in the plains, listening to the purring of the winds and the screams of the storms..
Vaelrim spent a hundred years in the depth of Cerria, listening to the crack of molten rock and the bubbling of Lava.
At the end of each ordeal, Vaelrim found himself able to speak to the elements in their language.

Part III – Chapter III

Vaelrim spent a half a century speaking with the elements in idle conversation, learning what they knew about the creation of Cerria.
On the hundredth year, Vaelrim told the soils to dig a hole.
On the hundredth year, Vaelrim told the seas to fill his cup.
On the hundredth year, Vaelrim told the winds to sing him a song.
On the hundredth year, Vaelrim told the fires to warm him from the cold.
On the hundredth year, Vaelrim realised he could command the elements to do as he willed.
So with his new found ability, he made the soils bring up stone from the depths of Cerria.
He made the rain smooth the stone, then the wind to dry the stone, then the fires to smooth the stone. He named this stone Oeraquogaelbrii, which held the name of each element in it’s own language.
When the Oeraquogaelbrii was completed, Vaelrim collapsed on the floor and slept for two-hundred years.
When he awoke, he asked the elements as to why he had collapsed.
The soils said, “You were not strong enough.”
The seas said, “You did not care enough.”
The wind said, “You did not be careful enough.”
The fire said, “You did not feel enough.”
Vaelrim asked the elements how he could achieve each of these, they all replied, “Take strength from us and to upon yourself.”

Part III – Chapter IV

Vaelrim pondered on this cryptic response, and at first thought he was to grasp the elements and maybe eat them. Then he remembered how he was able to communicate with the elements. He began by attempting to ask the elements for their strength, but they did not respond.
Then, in a fury, he punched the soils and slashed the seas, clawed the winds and kicked the flames. As he kicked the flames, he screamed as to why they would not lend him their strength – and then they did.
Upon that moment, he discovered that he not only had to be able to speak to the elements, but also speak to the elements in their emotion. Forceful and demanding with the soils, soothingly with the seas, softly with the winds and furiously with the fires.
One day, it was brought to his attention that a disease was sweeping the forests of the guardian lands. With his powers, he went to each tree and demanded the soils to remove the sickness. He went to each lake and purred to the rain to remove the taint. He went to each bird and sang to the wind to heal their ailments. He reached out to the sun and screamed to the flames to remove the icy winds, frozen lakes and cold creatures.
And so, Vaelrim caused all to back to normal.
At this event, Uríl came to Vaelrim and asked him why he had done what he had.
Vaelrim replied, “There was suffering and death.”
Uríl shook his head and smiled, “Without suffering, there can be no happiness. Without death, there can be no life.”
Vaelrim asked Uríl what this meant, Uríl simply smiled and disappeared once more.

Part III – V

Half a year later, the disease had returned. Trees and plants turned brown and leafless, warmth left the forest and a coldness return. But, when the Guardians turned to Vaelrim for aid once again, he simply spoke, “Let god’s will be.”
The sickness got worse till all the trees lost their leaves and the winds turned icy. And then, it rained. But, it was not a wet rain, but a soft rain. The soft rain did not form pools, but a blanket across the Guardian Lands, as far as the eye could see.
Vaelrim called to the fires and demanding that they light warmth in the homes of each of the Guardians, unable to watch his kinsmen die.
But, after a short amount of time, the soft rain ceased and the warmth returned, melting the whiteness into pools of water, and soon after that, life returned to Guardian Lands.
Uríl came once more to Cerria before all of the Guardians and called Vaelrim to his side,
“Why did you defy me and command fire to your will?” He boomed for all to see.
“I did not wish to see my people die,” Vaelrim replied, his chin held high.
“And why is that?”
“Because you made us merciful.”
Uríl smiled and turned to the Guardians, “That is true. Do not forget it, for all of you have this trait.”
Uríl swept his gaze over the Guardians, bowed and then disappeared once more.

Part III – VI

A year later, the soft rain returned and passed. As this year progressed, Vaelrim write what he experienced around him, naming the Soft Rain as Snó.
He named the first Aquo, giving this period of time to the seas, due to the snó during these months.
He named the second Gael, giving this period of time to the winds, for the wind blew away the snó of Aquo during these months.
He named the third Brii, giving this period of time to the fires, for it was the warmest during these months.
He named the fourth Oer, giving this period of time to the soils, for it was the time that many leaves fell and returned to the soils, during these months.
And so, the Guardians became aware of the four seasons.

It is said that Vaelrim went on to teach his siblings how to speak to the elements and how to command them… He called this process “Magic”.

- Blood Magic
Every creature and living organism has an energy, vibrations so to speak from the cells moving - sort of like a friction that causes heat. The magic is then soaked into the creature, into the very being. For a plant, that would be into the cells, the leaf, the berries, etc. For a creature, that would be the skin and the blood. Blood magic consists of drinking blood and eating flesh. The more intelligent the creature is, the more magic it has.
So, with that in mind, the Intellectual races, the playable species, obviously would have the highest amount of magic. So eating a person would give alot of magic, but there should be a drawback on something that powerful, a corruption of the soul, perhaps. "Killing" somebody does not extract the magic, it simple kills them. You would need to physically draw that magic into you, through blood and flesh - very gory. I think this feature, along with sex and drugs, might push MyWorld into an 18+ game, haha.
Eating plants is natural, and goes down as "Natural" magic. Cannibalism isn't exactly "Accepted" by humans, in a sense. I think it may come down evoloution of the in-game species that I am working up, if cannibalism is acceptably by their standards. In which case, no "Corruption" would come from cannibalism, and their draw back must be some sort of other disability.

@Player Power
Player's abilities aren't godly. For they aren't gods. Their lifeblood may have been touched by god, forming them immortal, but this doesn't effect their muscles and intelligence - that comes with time. Sure, you might get some steroid-like-plant-extract-abusing bodybuilder who can beat you to a pulp, but they'll still get fried by a dragon's breath. Or, a magic-player who spends 90% of his game time in a library, learning glyphs needed to practice magic and whatnot, eventually becoming a madman.
Now, mythically, there are these sorcerers who go nut-job with magic, but they usually get knocked down a notch by a collection of heroes, right? Well, maybe the Magician's Guild has a no-no on becoming too powerful, and will open up a bounty on the player till he tones down, sending the magician running into the wilderness. Again, it comes down to balancing pros and cons. "I become powerful, but nobody likes me" "I eat this, I become this" etc.

Of course all cities arent going to be huge! Well, they are, but, there are cities, then there are hamlets and villages. Players who build their own town, will start off with a hut our two and building out from that. Players can set up camps for them and their evil mercenary NPCs, or even their evil mercenary players, whereas to strike from and return to, to rest. And yes! It would be awesome to view your village from an airship, or a flying pet's back - these things I dream of. Crossing a sea by skimming the waters on my dragon's back, going at high speeds to the warmer southern lands.
Airship sieges... Perhaps.

Ohhhh, you have nooo idea! I've created 1980 (Or was it 1970?) creatures, and out of those, 6 have risen to intelligence and are the playable races. I've got to work up the Flora and the Pollination of the two (Fauna+Flora) before I can begin the evoloution process. Each playable species will start as any other creature, see. They will evolve according to their surroundings - tougher skin against the winds/heat, webbed feet for swimming, extra digits for climbing... They are less trusting, because they evolved alongside a treacherous egg-stealing theif creature, or more aggressive due to dangerous wild animals - or maybe more peaceful, because they've never been presented with dangerous animals. Maybe their food source was a highly-magical blooded creature, therefore they become a more magical species as a whole, and so on.
These six have been named with basic information, they're over at the MyWorld Mod DB Site, check the news section.

Well, it depends. Did one of the species eat intelligence-increases food sources? Are they naturally curious? It all comes down to how they evolved, as to how technologically advanced they are. The basic plan for now, is to have all the species near-about the same technological level, but depending on how players play, perhaps if a certain species has more players who are more engineer-like, they will advance more quickly in technological terms, although that will evolve over many years (in-game), seeing as it's such a huge shift in the world. Perhaps players will be told they have had the "Inspiration" to start research into a certain technology (Airships? Spring-loaded guns? etc), by an Admin.

Will be very simple, in layman's terms. It will be simple variables and speech-generation according to those variables. I havn't a clue how to go about creating intelligence, that is something far in the future of all the world, for true NPC AI. A turing test would evidently fail in MyWorld, I sadly admit.

I hope that answered your questions!

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