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The aspects of Baneforge that set it above all other RPG games such as: Completely multiplayer, All story content is human-generated (mostly by your friends)

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Baneforge fills a hole in the gaming scene because it does something that no other game dared to do. Baneforge is the only RPG (that I have ever heard of) where the monsters and NPCs have absolutely ZERO artificial intelligence. They have no packages quotes, they don't do anything unless they are instructed to do so by the Game Master (like a Dungeon Master..)

Basic Premise of Gameplay
In each Baneforge Scenario, a group of friends (commonly 2-5) go on quests and kill monsters to gain common rewards like experience, items and abilities. However, one of these people has to be the Game Master and actually conduct the story line- making the NPCs move and talk, dealing out items, determining the rewards or consequences for dice rolls that the Heroes do. The Game Master has total control over the game as if he/she was actually in front of a boardgame.

Implications of this Idea
Since everything is controlled by a human, hilarious inside jokes are often embedded in Baneforge story lines. Friends can share experiences with each-other in an online environment, such as creating puzzles for each other to solve or even setting a hero's profile image to a custom picture that they make themselves.

All players of Baneforge can easily reskin all of the games textures (just edit the .png files in the games folder). They can also edit the games Items, Monsters, and Abilities by using the Asset Editor (an idea that I LOVED from the starcraft and warcraft series.) There is a map editor as well, and you can share map files, ongoing campaign files, hero files, reskinned textures, and even asset books online with other people! Asset books are the files that contain all of the current items/monsters/abilities that should be used for current gameplay. When playing the game, only the game master's (host) asset book is taken into consideration for that scenario- those of the heroes (clients) are ignored.

If you have more questions, you can view and download the game at www.baneforge.com



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