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Post feature RSS Aurora Guinevere Price - Lead Voice Actress for Grave Prosperity

Jon Bon of Bon Ink Creations, publisher of Grave Prosperity, sits down with Olivia Steele, the young and very talented up and coming voice actress who plays Amber Ridge, the lead of the game.

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Hi, could you state your stage name, and the role you've been asked to play?
-Hi, my name’s Aurora Guinivere Price, and I’m voicing the role of Amber Ridge.

What made you decided that stage name?
-Many years ago, a friend and I were working on a story together, just for the both of us, and we each had our own characters, mine being “Aurora Guinivere Price”. Several months later, we both made YouTube accounts and, since at the time the story was still very much alive, I made it my username and it’s stuck.

Have you always wanted to pursue voice acting?
-Not initially. I’ve always been drawn to storytelling in all forms, mostly writing and film. At a young age, I felt the need to act, but, as I grew up, felt it was too out in front, as I’m generally quite a shy person. Then sometime last year, I came across some YouTube voice acting audition videos. I’d seen these many years before, but, as I had no mic, never bothered with them. This time however I did have one, so I just started at it, realizing that I could pursue acting like I wanted as a child, but in a less direct way.

You were scouted on a voice acting forum website for your work doing fan voice overs on youtube for Silent Hill (Video Game). Are you a fan of the horror video games, games, or horor in general?

- Horror in general is just my cup of tea. It’s fantastic as it can really engage and manipulate an audience more so than any other genre, in my opinion. I’ve grown up on old, classic horror, like the Universal Monsters; “The Creature from the Black Lagoon” and “Dracula” being my favorites. I’d come across the Silent Hill video games before, but never really understood what they were, nor had any interest. Then, I came across the “Resident Evil” movies (of which I became a big fan). Suddenly, I realized there were so many horror video games, and after playing “Penumbra: Overture”, I became hooked to horror games, though I’m fairly awful at playing. “Silent Hill” by far has had the best impact on me, as a performer and storyteller.

What drew you to wanting to work on Grave Prosperity?
-I’m always interested in anything that strives to tell a story through its characters, and this is exactly what “Grave Prosperity” seemed to be doing. When I first came across it on the VAA forum, I don’t know if it was some sort of sixth sense or what, but I just felt drawn to the character of Amber, though I thought I’d have been better suited for Miki out of amateur nervousness. Amber is just such a different character and I feel absolutely lucky to bring her to life through voice.

Have you enjoyed your work on Grave Prosperity thus far?
-I’ve enjoyed it immensely! It’s been challenging, but great fun. I feel like I’ve been learning a lot about myself as a performer and about the whole process of building a project like this.

Do you think you will continue to pursue voice acting in the future? Do you have plans to look into other gigs?
-Oh definitely. If I can at all build a career out of voice acting, I definitely will. My dream goal is to one day voice a Disney Princess. A strange and silly dream considering my absolute love for all things dark and scary, but something I would really love to do. Perhaps even a future Silent Hill or Resident Evil game. We’ll see.

Is there anything you want to say to the fans/future players of Grave Prosperity?
-Have fun! I think if you like classic horror of any variety this is the game for you and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!


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