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Added the ability to pick up weapons and crush your enemies with them.

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Hey there!

The last couple of weeks I have been working on a weapon system. Now the game character has more powerful arguments in the fight against evil)

There are several weapons in the game, and some carry additional functionality. For example, a torch illuminates a path, or with a door lever you can fight off enemies while you carry it to its destination. But weapons have a durability, and can break, so you can’t get through the whole game with one sword)

And if a difficult situation arises in the game, then in that case there are additional skills that will help to quickly deal with wild demons.

gate screen

Gradually, new locations and mini-quests are added to the game. In some places you need to figure out how to open the gate. Somewhere there will be a lack of parts of the mechanism that it need to find in order to pass stage. Now I’m working on a room in which it will be necessary to move the mirrors so that a ray of light opens the gate. This brings variety to the game and does not get bored. So, i try to make each location unique and atmospheric. It takes time, but the diversity of games has always make me happy)))

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