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Announcement article for the upcoming game, Haunted Emotions, by Drafted Time Studio. The article goes into a little detail about each aspect of the game and what to expect in future updates!

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This is the announcement of Haunted Emotions, a new upcoming game from Drafted Time Studio! Before I talk about the different aspects of the game in more detail here is a quick look to give you a better idea of what to expect in Haunted Emotions:


Haunted Emotions revolves around two main characters, Albert (deceased) and Mya (very much alive). At the beginning of the game Albert is unaware that he is dead and merely acts as if he is still alive around his old mansion home. That is however, until Mya arrives and informs him of his current state of mortality. Together they crave for answers, how did Albert die? Why was his life cut so short? How come Mya can see and speak to Albert when no one else can?

Albert and Mya meet for the first time.

The main problem however is that Albert's old home is due to be renovated in order to be sold. Not only does that mean Mya cannot help, it also means vital clues could be lost during the renovation. This is where you come in! Help Albert and Mya to delay the renovation of the house any way possible and then find Albert's lost possessions to piece the answers together.


Haunted Emotions is a point and click game with elements of puzzle, strategy and adventure. You control two characters (Albert and Mya) with unique play styles and abilities (I will talk in more depth about these abilities in the future). The player has to get the renovation workers out of the house so they can search the mansion for clues.

Example of Albert interacting with the record player and then a worker reacting.

How would you get them out I hear you ask? Emotions. The player will be able to play with each "enemy's" emotions to the point of them breaking down. The obvious emotion as a starting point is fear. As a ghost Albert can move and interact freely without being seen. So Albert can turn objects on and off and that will play on their fear emotion. Scare them enough and they will run away!

Albert seems to have a knack for playing the piano while a worker reacts!

There will be times that playing on their fear alone is not enough, perhaps the worker is brave and does not get affected easily by paranormal activity. That's where the other emotions come into play, such as anger and disgust. Use Mya to sabotage the workers tools and personal items to make them angry. Place salt in their drinks to make them sick/disgusted or maybe even use a combination of all of the above! Before careful that Mya is not caught however as there will be consequences! It is up to the player how they play and what emotions to affect as each worker will have unique traits.

Example of workers personality traits UI


As you've already seen, I'm aiming for a cartoon like art style with a hint of Tim Burton in there. Currently there is no artist working on the game, I've created all the geometry and some objects myself within Unity. The rest of the objects are paid/free assets that I have found on the Unity store and beyond. The character models are placeholder models until I can find a character artist.

In terms of music/sound, I am using free assets that I can find but hope to record some decent sound effects myself. Music wise I'm using a few tracks that I found from this website Ourmusicbox.com, here is an example of such a track:


The game will be available for Windows (hopefully through steam) and maybe other platforms. At the moment the release date is TBD but I'm looking at Q1 2017 as a target. That's it for now I hope you enjoyed reading about the game and look forward to bring more updates in the future. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

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