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We in CzechScare were one day working on Amnesia: TheHunt and something interesting happened. Yes... we found the way to make Amnesia coop, true.

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Do you mean multiplayer?
Well we would love to, but no... it is still part of single player cooperation, but we found a way to make it interesting to play.

How will it work?
Well, in our custom story (The HUNT) we have normal story, that will be Single Player ONLY, but since we have custom MENU, you can choose a COOP game. After player clicked on that, another menu will appear with options like: Cooperation, The HUNT, Trust. Theese are gamemods, that we crated and each one will be specific. Than players are going to choose via. Skype or something who will be Player 1, 2, 3 or 4.

Trust Game mode?
In Trust mode, Every player (1,2,3 and 4) will be in specific maps, that will not be the same, or will be? Yea... First, everyone will be in different room. Each room will have a puzzle, clue, danger and a trap.
For Example:
"Josh: I will be player 1; David: I will be player 2; Daniel: 3; Manuel: 4."
"Josh: I am in a bedroom.; David: I am in kitchen; Daniel: I am in lobby; Manuel: I am in basement."
"Josh see a picture on the wall, on the picture, there is basement and two boxes. Box on the left have a skull sign on it. Josh: "Hey, Manuel I have a clue here, for you... do you see those boxes... take the one on your left." Manuel will do so and than scary thing will happen to him. It will not kill him, but scare him..." Friends will be playing around for a bit and than they will solve their puzzels. After few maps, Josh will be in the scary situation and will have to write a code... Manuel have that code... Josh knows, that he is just a one step from victory, but also knows that Manuel won't forget the thing with a box...""

Ok, I hope you understand this gamemode. I will only add, that winner is the one, that will be in the finish first... Only YOU will know where is your finish, but you can not ask, like "Hey, does anyone see a code somewhere?" becouse your friends will know, that you are trying to win... You will have to watch you thoung and really trust your friends, but will they... trust you?

The HUNT gamemode
This gamemode is just for TWO players and one is HUNTER and another one is PRAY. Hunter will be in a room, where he can see miniature of the map, that PRAY is in, even know, where does the PRAY starts. Now, HUNTER knows where all the scripts are and what are they doing and know what should PRAY do to continue. PRAY should usually do something specific, that can not possibly make without advice of HUNTER. But HUNTER want to kill the PRAY. How will he achieve it?

Example time:
HUNTER knows if PRAY go left WITH itemA, it will got jumpscared, if it will go right it will die.
HUNTER: Hey, if you want to jump across this hole in the floor, you have to combine theese two items (to get itemA) and than use itemZ on the hole.
Now... PRAY doesn't need itemA to get across the hole, but PRAY doesn't know that. Than it will get across.
HUNTER: Now go right (to death) PRAY: No, you want me to die...
PRAY will go to the right, will got jumpscared, becouse it has itemA.
HUNTER: Common hurry, go to the right...
PRAY will do so, and will die, HUNTER wins.


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