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One of Robo's World 3's minigames, this puzzle-platformer challenges you to collect Power cores and make it to the next level under the time limit! Best of all, it's coming soon!

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"Ammo Scramble" is a minigame that was first playable in Robo's World 2. It was very challenging but additively so. It was also became brutally difficult in a very short amount of time. Since Robo's World 3 runs on a new, smoother and more flexible engine then the original, I decided to revisit the minigame making some much needed changes:
Firstly, the graphics are much more shiny!
I also added several new platforming elements that will allow for the creation of several new puzzles. I even added a save feature. (That's right, a minigame with a save feature!)
You will still be able to configure your controls as in the main game.
Best of all, it's coming SOON! Robo's World 3: Ammo Scramble will be available for download as a stand alone game.
I figured that since Robo's World 3 will take so long to make, and the demos I make are so few and far in-between, I'd release a bit of game content that was 100% finished! Look forward to Robo's World 3: Ammo Scramble in the downloads section within a week!
For now, you can imagine the awesomeness from this picture:

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