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How to get your license to fully enjoy Live For Speed S2 (a.k.a. Unlocking)

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All details about buying an LFS S2 license

Our LFS S2 demo is completely free without time restrictions, but it contains only one track environment and three cars.

If you want access to more cars and tracks in S2, you have to buy a license, which will allow you to unlock S2 on your computer. Partially with an S1 license, or fully with an S2 license.

You can buy the license by following this link BUT be sure to read this article


Before you can buy a license you need to have created an account
here on the website. This is required, because the license you buy will
be assigned to this account, so that our systems know you are allowed
to unlock S1 or S2 (depending on the type of license you have bought).
Once a license has been bought and your account has been upgraded, you
are asked for a special GAMEpassword with which you can unlock LFS S2,
together with your username.
The license you buy has no time-limit on it, which means it's a
one-off fee and in return you get access to more content, free updates
and you can make use of all of our basic online services at no extra

There are two types of licenses your account can hold:
- S1 license, allows you to unlock the S1 portion of LFS S2
- S2 license, allows you to unlock the entire content of LFS S2

If you currently have an S1 license, you can upgrade to S2 for GBP £12. Otherwise an S2 license costs GBP £24 (see www.xe.com for a proximation in your currency).

There is also the option to buy a license for someone else. This
is done via a so called 'Voucher', which is a special code that can be
entered on our website, to upgrade an account to S2 licensed. So when
buying a license for someone else, you buy a voucher, which is a code
that the other person can use to upgrade his account here on the Live
for Speed website.

The payment methods we accept are credit card (VISA, Mastercard
and UK debit cards), Paypal, Moneybookers, UK Cheques and Money Orders.
More information can be found on the 'Buy a license' pages (make sure
you are logged in).

After a payment you can unlock S2 using your LFS username and
your GAMEpassword, which you will be asked to create after upgrading,
or you can create a (new) GAMEpassword at any time on your account details page.

A word about extra services we provide. LFS provides some
additional services that complement the simulator. For example if you
have an LFS license, you can have LFS automatically download other
people's car skins. This by default is done in low resolution, but you
can choose to download high resolution skins instead for a very small
extra fee. Other services are SMS messaging and the Premium Pubstat
system. You can read more about these services on the Extra services page.

Alright, that's the basic knowledge you should have before buying S2.
More useful information about S2 can also be found elsewhere on the site, such as the Contents of S1 & S2 page and the Screenshots section. Also please DO read the end-user license agreement as it contains important information!

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