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.Age is looking better than ever with its new particles! The alpha version is coming along nicely, with an all-new interface and plenty of feedback. Special states have been finalized, take a look!

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Hey there! The work on the new UI is finished and I am adding a lot of new content while balancing the game and fixing stuff here and there.

Today, however, I want to show you some improvements on the graphical side, while revealing the work on an improved feature: building status effects.

Status effects are assigned to buildings by specific events, and may ruin your pace with their pesky behaviour.

Be wary, for example, of events that set buildings on fire. Fire will spread to close buildings and burn them down if you are not careful and shut it down right away!


Isn't it scary? Well, don't get scared yet, because that's just the beginning. You may think you are safe if you keep cool during the summer, but you won't get far with that attitude. Frozen buildings are a danger to be reckoned with!


Frozen buildings have their production halted, so you will need to do something to take them back to their original state.

But what if it's too hot for ice, you ask? Well, we have something for you too: flooded buildings. These buildings have their production halved, so that it is more of an annoyance than anything else, but it may still mess with your pacing!


We are not over yet: here is the poisoned building, which will poison all Pips that try to work in it. You know what happens next, do you?


And last, but not least, the haunted building! Haunted buildings work similarly to frozen buildings, as no Pip will venture here to work! However, the special status effect may also move to other buildings (ghosts do not like to stay in the same place for too much, it starts to get lonely).


Now you are ready to tackle building status effects, but be wary: that's just one of the dangers of the world of .Age!

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