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AD 1200 is a global mod of the Mount and Blade Warband

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AD 1200 is a global mod of the Mount and Blade Warband game where the whole world is displayed and, as you understand, the action of the game will take place in 1200. However, the peculiarity of this modification is that there is a real map of the world.

Starting from the west coast of Spain and ending with Japan. You are free to travel as you like. We all know there are separate scattered modifications that add crusaders, Arabs, or separate confrontations somewhere in Japan, but I think many would like to pick up some brave knights in the same England and go knead Japs. Now you have such an opportunity.

In general, the essence of this mod is 58 fractions, a global map of the world, otherwise it’s our classic Mount and Blade Warband, that is, you appear as a homeless bomb and gradually begin to conquer territories, recruit people. Your first battles take place with different kinds of bandits, patrols. Then you are free to choose where you go and what you will do.

Of course, the mod is not just stupidly stuffed with different states and nothing changes here, no, there are a large number of various kinds of chips. In particular, your troops now have the opportunity to set up formations, that is, certain formations that can help you win victories. Moreover, on the global map itself there are a lot of different kinds of events - there are caravans, various kinds of patrols.

The only mod modifies the global map a little bit, because about 700 units simultaneously move around the map. Moreover, there is the opportunity to take all kinds of weapons for yourself, moreover, you can get samurai armor only in Japan, that is, if you want to become a samurai, you will have to stomp onto Japanese territories from the west. The ability to recruit the most motley army, that is, take into account and take the best qualities of different countries. Suppose you take yourself horseback archers somewhere in the steppe, take yourself heavy armor in England or in Germany. Get yourself good Kiev shooters. That is, to create a motley professional army.

Moreover, hiring is available not only in the village itself and to start pumping homeless fighters there and bringing them to the tops, you can turn to city barracks, which are located in cities and castles. There are already trained fighters with whom you can go into battle, but you should understand that these fighters are naturally worth much more.

In general, the main problem is with the global map, which it often crashes, but in principle when you enter the battle, the lags certainly disappear.

You can choose the states for which you will fight, despite the fact that the states are located right here, here there is Kiev territory, not a very large, quite spacious territory in Khorezmoshahi, that is, you can make a real empire from a small small state, but you should understand that your opponents will often be much stronger than you. In the course of your action, you can get a variety of titles. The combat here is the same as the classic Mount and Blade Warband, but there is an interesting feature that is chopping off the head. There is the opportunity to fight on ships, you can swim. Another bonus is that you can buy an elephant in India and camels in Arabia.

Before you, in fact, opens up spacious opportunities. You can go to become a mercenary, with some kind of khan, you can put together your gang, you can start robbing, given the number of countries that are here and if you have a caravan of the Kingdom of Jerusalem, for example, then you can attack it, in principle, if you know what Since this kingdom is very far away, what difference does it make to you, you can come directly to this kingdom and begin to rob its villages. You can also try to serve some prince, count and serve him, in this regard, the mod really combines all the best in itself.

Recommendation. When you start a new game, the game will hang for 5-30 minutes, but don’t pay attention to it. I do not advise you to turn it off. At the very beginning of the game, the map is turned upside down, you may not immediately understand where you are. It must be turned over then everything will immediately fall into place.


The link where the mod-time developments will be laid out: Russianguild.ru

To contact my team: Russianguild.ru

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