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An overview on passive skills on artifacts, active skills as cards and the all cool Fungi Skills.

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Artifacts and Passive Skills

Caiam Piter will need more than a sturdy shield and a trusty weapon to survive in the kingdom’s forest. Artifacts are small magical fungi friends that will stick with you and float around providing support. All artifacts have a Passive Skill that may be always active or trigger each time a condition is met.

The Passive Skill effect is fixed, so it doesn’t matter where you find one, it will always have the same effect and quality, but sadly you can take only one with you, choose well depending on your mushroom needs!

Currently, we have four artifacts implemented in-game:

  • The Witshroom: It has the power to show you two random undiscovered rooms in your minimap each time you discover a new room, very helpfull when you are lost.

  • Begging Fungi Mask: It will give you some food each time you defeat another mushroom, its like begging, very aggressively.

  • The Chest of Awe: It will make appear a special mushroom chest in the floor when you enter it. The problem is finding it.

  • The Tactician's Duck

This one cute duck is the artifact that has sneaked the most in our gifs and promotional material, for one reason or another it is always equipped when we go touring with Caiam Piter for screenshots, so let me tell you what it does by showing you the Item Description window in-game:

As you can see Artifacts can support you in a lot of ways, these are our four current examples but our design document feature about 25 different ones (and growing)! Going from battle support to exploration support we hope you like all these cute floating fellows :)

Active Skills

You also have at your disposal a plethora of skills in the form of cards, these will be found in a chest in the same way as the previous items and you can carry four of them at the same time, even if they are repeated.

Currently, we have four different active skill implemented in the game:

  • Renew Gills: This will heal you up instantly upon casting.
  • Fast Impulse: It increases your attack speed for some seconds.
  • Fungi Rage: It increases your damage factor for some seconds.
  • Poisonous Spores: Creates a cloud of poisonous spores in the room, it will slowly damage your enemies.

Each one has different cost and cooldown. As for their effect they are partially procedurally generated since depending on the floor and where you find it, it may have a better quality, which means a better effect, but probably more cost and/or cooldown.

As with all things we have a lot of other skills in our design documents, for now, take a look at some of their icons here, can you guess what they do?

Fungi Skills

These skills are specials. They are given by your mother fungus at the beginning of a run, normally you will have some options to pick from, but once you choose and the run starts you won’t be able to change it or remove it.

A fungi skill has no cost, but can be used only once per combat. These are really strong skills that will make you think twice about when it’s a good idea to use them.

Currently, we only have one implemented:

  • Mother Fungi Roots: Stuns all enemies in the room for some seconds.

The other special attribute is that these skills are not found in a chest, they need some… special conditions to be unlocked. Also, they are not procedurally generated, which means they are custom designed to work on specific conditions.

Skills GUI

We won’t go in-deep today about the GUI, saving that for another day, but this is how you'll see the skills displayed and ready to use, just click and go!

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See you soon shrooms

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