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Information about Cubic Mayhem. Features of 1.1, and about the game in general.

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Controls: Left and right arrow keys to move, space to jump.

Objective: Touch the yellow square.

You play as a blue square that must survive against all odds. Turrets (pink), lasers, rotating lasers, and even cannons (1.1) are trying to kill you. Good luck!

Features coming in 1.1:

  • 5 New levels, bringing the game to a total of 15.
  • New enemy (cannon)
  • If you guys find any bugs, broken levels, etc. that happened to slip by my testing (I am only one man) I will fix those too.

1.1 should be out within a week. A 1.2 is a possibility in the future as well. Also, a video featuring the first 5 levels will be out soon!

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