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This is what I intended to aim for in my game development project. It includes our never really explained before ideas and our plans, and what we hope to change in gameplay in our game Crimson Crow.

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First off, Crimson Crow is an RTS-FPS-RPG, based in a sci-fi future.

As most indie developers do, we had big plans and great ideas for our project.
We have some good background experience (Me being a 2D game designer back in the day), but none of us really had THAT much experience with from scratch 3D game design. This game is somewhat of an experiment. Not to prove we can make something, but to try and tread in a new path of gameplay.

In Crimson Crow, we intend to really group up RTS with FPS.
We have a unique style we plan to incorporate. Essentially, its you and your team running your own base. Depending on the map, you can build up walls, buildings, and even cities. Combat is by classes and levels, which we'll get into.

Our engine, Torque, has about 100 players able to run on a server without killing itself.
Now with one person commanding one team in a full game, thats 49 people to order about.
So we're splitting up the commander role with another class called the general class.
They are field commanders to help manage players. They are essentially normal players, but can use a goal system to win battles and organize the army.

The commander essentially takes care of the base, making sure the base has steady supplies, and is in good shape with good defence. He also can directly command troops from an aerial camera. The base is a lot to manage, and will play an important role with everyone fighting on the field.

Thats the RTS side of the story. Now to the FPS...

All soldiers are directly influence by the main base. If the base's supplies are cut off or destroyed, your team can no longer get benefits such as restocking ammo or sometime even vehicles!
If the enemy destroys your cloning buildings, your team cannot respawn unless one is repaired.
(Worst case scenario for your army is losing any cloning stations.) Commanders must defend their own base while destroying the other team.
With player-built objects, a incredible defence or even secondary bases are very much possible.

Classes are involving, and tie in with the RPG side.

Choosing your class is choosing how you will fight and how you will go about doing anything in battle. Being a sniper will give you long range accuracy, and will also let you half bury yourself in sand or snow to stay hidden. Not only will you gain exp to level up, but gaining levels causes you to gain new abilites and better skills. A low level sniper can stay hidden 100 feet away. A high level sniper can be 3 feet right in front of you without you even knowing...


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