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Sly nGine made by Slide Games is a powerful engine for developing games and apps for multiplatform devices.

Engine features:
- Supports Windows, Linux
- Supports many Android devices
- Supports IOS devices
- DirectX 9,11
- OpenGL 4.4
- OpenGL ES 1.0 and OpenGL ES 2.0 for 2D and 3D rendering
- Supports implementation of many I/O devices
- Creating simple user interfaces
- Supports rendering of models created in Maya
- WIFI, LAN Network between PC and Android
- Particle editor

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Do you like twin-stick shooters, well this game is excellent for you to play. The game features a lovely background story, that puts player right into the game.

The player takes control of genetically improved white blood cells and must find the cure to save humanity from infectious viruses and bacteria.
The journey to find the cure can be long, but in the end the player is rewarded with additional mini-games.
Feel free to download the game from Google Play and share your experience with others.

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About 1 million years ago two gigantic celestial bodies collided, ended up in massive explosion, causing some of the rocks drifting towards planet Earth...

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