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RPG in a Box is a tool for easily creating 3D grid-based, voxel-style RPGs and adventure games—everything you will need for building and sharing your own game, all packaged together in a box, so to speak! This "box" will contain an assortment of editors (centered around a map editor and a voxel editor) that will allow you to make your game the way you want. I will be striving to make the software user-friendly so that no knowledge of programming, computer graphics, or modelling will be required, all while still maintaining as many customizable aspects as possible so that your game can be unique.

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Release v0.3.4-alpha (Engines : RPG in a Box : Forum : Releases : Release v0.3.4-alpha) Locked
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Sep 14 2016 Anchor

New Features:

  • Reworked the Voxel Editor to be more user-friendly and efficient. The original method of manually placing voxels using the scroll wheel to adjust depth was replaced by a set of editing tools that should make model creation simpler and more enjoyable. The following list describes these new tools as well as several keyboard shortcuts that were added:
    • Attach (F1): Attach new voxels onto the base/bottom grid, or adjacent to existing voxels by placing the mouse over the face of an existing voxel and left-clicking. A transparent voxel will indicate the position of the new voxel.
    • Paint (F2): Change the color of existing voxels by left-clicking.
    • Erase (F3): Remove existing voxels by left-clicking. A red box will indicate the currently selected voxel.
    • Alt + Left Click: Pick color at cursor position while using Attach or Paint
    • Right Click + Drag: Rotate camera
    • Shift + Right Click + Drag: Move camera up/down
    • Ctrl + S: Save Model
  • Voxels are now displayed with outlines in the Voxel Editor to make the individual voxels more distinguishable and to assist in editing. This feature can be toggled on and off using the "Toggle Voxel Outlines" button on the Voxel Editor toolbar.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for the Map Editor camera:
    • Shift + Arrow Keys: Move camera
    • Ctrl + Left/Right Arrow: Rotate camera
    • Ctrl + Up/Down Arrow: Zoom camera
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for the Voxel Editor animation toolbar:
    • Ctrl + Left Arrow or Page Up: Previous frame
    • Ctrl + Right Arrow or Page Down: Next frame
    • Ctrl + Up Arrow or Home: First frame
    • Ctrl + Down Arrow or End: Last frame
    • Ctrl + N: Add blank frame
    • Ctrl + D: Duplicate current frame
    • Shift + Left Arrow: Move current frame left
    • Shift + Right Arrow: Move current frame right
  • Added a new scripting function, "Put Player", that will instantly move the player to a tile within the current map.
  • The Voxel Editor's color picker now supports multiple palettes that are automatically saved and restored upon returning to the application.


  • Added the new "Pending" navigation path type to the Navigation/Interaction context menu in the Map Editor and to the dropdown within the Modify Navigation/Interaction script node.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with the Player Position parameter in the "Load Map" scripting node that would cause the script to not be updated or saved properly when editing it in the Script Editor.
  • Modified method for rendering in the Voxel Editor that should prevent voxels from disappearing after hitting a certain limit. This should also improve performance while working in the Voxel Editor, especially for larger and more dense models.
  • Fixed an issue in the Map Editor where, after attaching a script to an object, the same script would be incorrectly attached to any subsequent objects for which the Properties dialog was used and no script was selected in the dropdown.
  • Fixed a threading issue related to the progress dialog that would occasionally cause the application to crash.
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