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This engine in specialized in turn-based dungeon crawler. All the gameplay is described in xml and the game engine make the least assumption about the gameplay. you can specifiy : - items (weapons), powers, actions - monsters, activables (traps, doors, chests etc...) - behaviors (IA) - UI (canvas, button, slot, text, pictures) - Dungeons (Levels and Tiles) - Effects (Lots of them) - Packages (races, classes ...) You should probably start by trying to mod 1Quest (the first game build with it) The licence is not defined yet, but it should be free for non commercial use.

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When you create a new adventurer, you have to choose a race and a class (very original, I know).There is 4 classes available at start:

  • Warrior: the close combat specialist, start with a shield
  • Mage: fight mainly with elemental destruction spells
  • Rogue: use both ranged combat and dual wield
  • Priest: use both close combat and transmutation magic

But the class you chose at creation is not set in stone. Multi-classing is possible in 1Quest, and you can raise as many classes as you want (but it will be costly). In particular, by raising one or two base class, you can unlock the advanced classes

Advanced class can be seen as specialization. If your warrior want to fight with big heavy two-handed weapons, you can becomes a Barbarian. But if you prefer striking people with your shield (and staying behind), go for the knight !
But some class are more cross-classes. Inquisitor for example, use both holy and elemental magic, often at the same time, to strike down upon enemies with great vengeance and furious anger !

For every play style, there is a class for you !
And with 18 classes in total, you can play a lot of games without repeating yourself.

Roguelike with World Map

Roguelike with World Map


Using a World Map in a Roguelike is pretty unusual. But fear not, It is mainly to add some macro choice for your character development.

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1Quest is a retro roguelike, where you control a young adventurer who pursues an evil blood cult, after they abducts several children, including the princess...

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