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Realm Crafter Community Edition is a continuation of development of SolStar Games’ Realm Crafter Standard. It comes packaged with every tool you would need to build a beautiful MMO with zero programming.

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Details of the new features, changes made and bugs fixed in the RCCE 2.0 patch.

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New Features
- New GUE Splash Art
- New Scenery options to allow you to decide whether a model casts shadows, receive shadows, and set the range at which the model stops being rendered (LOD)
- Water now refracts light creating beautiful results.
- The Project manager is now included as part of the engine and has also been updated with new tools and a new design.
- The Graphics options menu in the client is going to give the player a lot more control with new options.
- New GUE design, complete revamp from RCS design. Now looks a lot more professional.
- New Tooltips throughout the GUE to increase user friendliness
- You can now place dynamic lights in your zone in the GUE
- You can now adjust the colour of the preview background in the particles tab.
- New Shortcut Keys in the GUE to make it easier to use and speed up development for users.
- Extremely quick loading screens.
- Refined Post-Processing system, Advanced Bloom, Depth of Field, Volumetric Light, Shadows etc.

- Waypoints no longer spawn so high on the Y axis. This has been turned down slightly since flying waypoints were getting irritating.
- Loading screen Image stretches across entire screen when using Widescreen Resolutions.
- Rebuilt Widescreen System. Much more optimised.
- Action bar Texture now stretches across entire screen when using a widescreen resolution.
- Action Bar buttons now adjust their location depending on whether you are using a Standard or Widescreen Resolution
- Optimised Action Bar Buttons
- Got rid of the grey thing on the main menu, now uses the LoginSet.b3d model throughout the main menu.
- Removed the progress bar to quit the game when key Esc is hit. Now opens up a menu with several options, including keybindings, help, log out and quit.
- Remove the double click to attack actors. This is causing issues when interacting with NPC's which you don't want the player to be able to kill.
- Rebuilt Media Tab, you can now manual change the angle of the model in the preview using the mouse.
- Added ToolTips to help with the new script system in the GUE.
- Rebind the action bar buttons to 1 to = keys rather than F1 to F12
- Character Interaction Window now closes if you move a long distance away from the selected target.
- GUE loads up much faster than before.
- The GUE interface has had a bit of a clean up, merging sub-tabs and making it a lot more user friendly while reducing time to set up certain entities, such as actors for your game.
- The Main Menu in the client is now much more responsive and doesn't freeze up when you press a button.
- NPC's now rotate to face the player when a dialog is started.
- Sun's no longer render if the zone isn't marked as outdoors.
- Main Menu logo uses a Mask filter instead of Alpha to stop it becoming transparent.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed Actor shadows, they were not being de-rendered correctly which was causing the game to crash if you left the zone. (special thanks to siredblood)
- Fixed GUE script crashing bug
- Fixed bug where the engine would close when you pressed F4. (now only closes when Esc is hit or the X is pressed)
- Fixed stability bug during character creation where the client was requesting textures that didn't exist for shadows
- Fixed Bug where using an ability before the cool down was finished caused the cool down to reset back to max.
- Fixed Bug where hair models weren't displaying during character creation.
- Fixed Bug where getting an error message in the main menu such as invalid name, was causing the player model to have a stupidly fast animation.
- Fixed Bug where the player health bar would randomly disappear
- Fixed Bug where the Character Stats window wasn't updating correctly.
- Fixed Bug where refractive water was making the loading screen image disappear before the zone had finished loading.
- Fixed bug where the player dying causes a MAV

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