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This is a program for platform game creation, developed by us back in 2009. Now we're developing PGE 2.8 SE, which will add a lot new. The program is very easy and does not require any programming skills. The program allows use of GML code, but this is only of use for proffessionals. This program is based on Game Maker, but we're trying to make it simplier and funner. We hope you enjoy our product.

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Beta Progress



Finally got everything set up on IndieDB for the game and we all seem to be set up and running; awesome.

Today's date is the 13th of August and marks the last Sprint we will be doing until the last push for Beta is over and we are hopefully left with a finished project. There are plans to release a demo of the game once it hits Beta on the 22nd but we will talk more about that closer to the time.

Our level editor is almost finished also, meaning we can potentially release a development copy, allowing users to create there own custom levels for the Spin Doctor game!

"Sprints" are part of the Agile methodology and something we have used since the end of April. The minute we adopted this strategy production and efficiency shot up and we were able to keep development times down to a minimum. The process of creating and design levels was sped up, Programmers had clear and concise tasks they were able to finalize and the Artists churned out assets weekly.

Valuable lessons have been learnt for the next game we create.

Thanks for reading and we hope to have some more information soon along side the end of our Beta phase. We are keep to get people playing Spin Doctor.

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Eternum is a platform videogame with the look and feel of the '80s arcade cabinet games. Titles that have inspired and most influenced its creation are...

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