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<strong><span style="color: #003300">Nemesis Engine is a Engine that me, Samuel, am developing, it's content will be very moddable, and yes, i will release the full source code of my engine</span></strong>

It's on early development, but it's already have many Features done, here is the list:

Raytracing Shadow Mapping
Shader Version 3 compatible
Normal Mapping (Much More Realistic than normal mapping)
Volumetric Particles (At Full 60 Fps )
3D Sound Realistic Water
Full HDR
Multiple Render to Texture cameras (Aka RT Camera for HL2 Modders)
And Much More!

It is totally free, and it will be also used for my game, Project Nemesis (Working Title)

Want see some videos of the engine working? Here:

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Nemesis Logo

Hooray, the Project is Getting well

About time to us finnaly Release more details about the game.

Here is the Moddb Link if you want to check out :)



- Project Nemesis Team

Project Nemesis Heading to Ogre

Project Nemesis Heading to Ogre


Yes, nemesis engine will be rewritten into C++ with the Ogre Rendering Engine, so, you will have the best of the Free FPS with the Best of the Free Rendering...

Add game Games
Project Nemesis

Project Nemesis

First Person Shooter

Project Nemesis(Working Title) Is a Futuristic First Person Shooter Powered By a Next-Gen Engine, NeEngine

Guest - - 699,827 comments

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Guest - - 699,827 comments

LOL, i have a program im working on i was bout to get ****** till i saw u spelled it Nemesis, LOL.


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XeroBlue - - 11 comments

This look very promising. I'm going to kept an eye on this one.
I do modeling and animation. If you help any help give me a shout.

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Arkanj3l - - 174 comments

Scripting=good. I prefer Python but it's a little slower than Lua, but a helluva lot more structured IMO.

Watching (I'm Av3njd on FP)

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Bugles - - 221 comments

added to engine watch

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vms100 - - 7 comments

thats great ^^

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TKAzA - - 3,154 comments

looking alright ill be watching

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