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modern 3d game engine. Cross-platform, optimized tool with complete development environment, specially targeted to an indie game development.

License: free and pro version with extended features.
Site: glow3d.com, twitter: @glow3d_engine


  • Rendering: Deferred shading, HDR, linear space rendering, shadow maps, cascaded shadow maps, bump+specular+self-illuminating materials. Reflective-refractive water, cubemap or dynamic sky.
  • Physics: Havok, ODE, PhysX, physics based particles.
  • AI: Lua Scripts, dynamic navigation meshes (Recast), hierarchical state machines.
  • Concurrency: Scalable multi-threading. All major modules are independent and can be executed in parallel, more cores - more performance.
  • Networking: Client-Server + client side physics, delta-compression + bit compression.
  • Nature: Clipmaps for landscapes, grass (with wind), trees with billboard optimization.
  • Sound: 3D sound positioning, spatialisation and attenuation, streaming with OGG.
  • UI: Scriptable 3d UI -buttons, combos, lists, panels, collapsed areas etc.
  • Data: Several data sources available - File system, Web, Zip-archives.
  • Memory - memory leak tracking, report for every module, garbage collector for major consumers.
  • Editor: WYSIWYG, easy to use editor, with Undo-Redo, drag and drop assets from explorer, property editor, assets manager.
  • Modularity: every module of engine (physics, audio, navigation etc) is independent and can be dropped.
  • A lot more, please refer to glow3d.com.


  • Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge 2013 First prize winner.
  • Intel Level Up 2009 1st in "Best Game Optimized for Intel® Graphics" category, 2nd in "Best Threaded Game" category.
  • Intel Game Demo 2008, Judge’s Choice Award-1st prize, 5th in "Best threaded" category.

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0.31 release for Iron Cube, tank multiplayer combat in a voxel world.

Iron Cube 0.32

UPD: 0.31 was removed and 0.32 release added here.
0.31 contained couple of bugs.

New features and fixes:
* 3 different levels
* 2 tanks with different characteristics
* map is displayed
* robust online gameplay for 2 players ( currently )
* tank on client is simulated locally, so no lags on a client
* game till 5 frags, enemies will respawn on the opposite side of the map
* new start UI
* startup made much faster
* damage indicator
* 3d sound
* bots are currently disabled, but will be restored soon.

New official trailer!


screen1 screen4
screen3 screen2

Iron Cube is available on Android!

Iron Cube is available on Android!

Iron Cube 3 comments

Iron Cube, tank multiplayer combat in voxel world, is ported to Android and available on Google Play store for free!

Iron Cube pre-alpha release 0.15

Iron Cube pre-alpha release 0.15

Iron Cube 3 comments

I spent several weeks on preparing Iron Cube release 0.15. Added a lot of new functionality, AI bots, dynamic navigation meshes, new voxel based lighting...

Project Mercury

Project Mercury


I participated in Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge with project Mercury, Digital Sculpting Application - voxel-based 3D mesh edition with bare hands...

New game on Glow engine

New game on Glow engine

Iron Cube

Iron Cube added to the list of games on Glow engine.

Add game Games
Iron Cube

Iron Cube

Car Combat

Multiplayer tank battle in destructible voxel world. Site: www.ironcube.net

Little Zombie Susie

Little Zombie Susie


Cooperative family-oriented 3d adventure game with comedy elements.

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Nice looking Engine Yak32! How's the progress coming along with it?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
yak32 Creator

Actually remaining is last 5% - most hard thing for every project - polishing and closing all bugs. I just can't release unfinished thing.

Currently I am developing Iron Cube game, based on the engine and ported engine to Android and Google NACL. Iron Cube will be available on Android very soon.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

where can i download it? went to the site and can't find it. can it do 3rd person games (using it to make a series of games (Guard Squad) what is the difference between the free versions and the other ones.
what can it import: 3ds, MD5, FBX
what can the node editor do? can you make a game with out a single line of code and

can you put a plugin for Visual Basic script please.....

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
yak32 Creator

import: 3ds, obj, fbx currently
script: lua script
yes, it's possible to make game without line of native code, but you need script, it's simple. I will think about VBscript support, possible by Mono.
Download will be available soon.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Another question, does Glow3d use fbx, or dae, what are the model/animation capabilities of the engine

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
yak32 Creator

It parses fbx, obj and 3ds formats currently. Skeleton animation can be opened from fbx, node animations can be loaded from fbx or created in the editor.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

When is this engine going to be released? Is it free, open source or do you have to pay?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
yak32 Creator

we planned to release alpha version at May, but it slightly delayed. 3 options will be available: free version, professional with small fee and full.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

hey very impressive engine you have made there are only very much particles (amostspheric) yet when you move around, as in the first video you can see the background particles move also wich is a bit irritating to the eyes, hope you will fix this with antialiasing ?, buffering ? post blabla effects ? nice work though

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
yak32 Creator

thanks! particles at the beginning of video Deadly light? Maybe video rendering issue or anti aliasing... anyway it's from old tech demo, 2 years old. We're preparing new videos with new effects and it will be available soon.

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