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Game Develop is a free game development software allowing to create any kind of 2D game without needing any knowledge in a specific language. The software uses an event based system which can be used by beginners as well as advanced users.
Games can be exported as HTML5 games which can be played on any browser or handheld device, or as native games which can be runned on Windows or Linux.

A lot of features are available for game creation :

  • Platformer engine
  • Physics engine
  • Lightning and particle engine for native games.
  • Tiled sprite to generate large backgrounds and text objects.
  • Pathfinding and support for joysticks and gamepads for native games
  • Automatisms allowing to quicly add classic behavior to your objects (Draggable objects, destroy when outside screen...)
  • Timers and time manipulation, allowing to create slowdown
  • Ability to play sounds and music.
  • Integrated debugger and profiler for native games.
  • A lots of others extensions are available for native games (Primitive drawing, 3D Box objects, ) and more features are being ported to HTML5 games.

Game Develop is bundled with a lot of examples and templates.
It can be downloaded on the official website: Compilgames.net
Tutorials are also available on the wiki: Wiki.compilgames.net.

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Logbook, day 61, morning

We manage to get to the other side of the island. We march between foliage and tall grass in this order: me in front with a musket, Luís with a sword, Joana with a musket and Tomás for last with a sword.

After getting to the beach, we sneak closer of what we think to be enemies. Far away there are weird shapes moving next to the sea.

Character selection

I throw a warning shoot and they run into the forest. Thought they would shoot at us, but nothing happened.

We get into the forest unraveling our way. Just by reflex, Joana takes a shoot. Screams from everywhere, but different voices of what we expected. Deer, nothing to be afraid of.

HUD Design

Back on the beach, we found a campfire and some merchandise crates. Inside those crates there were some beautiful tiles.

In Game Collectable Tiles

Probably our goal sailed away few hours before. But at least we know to be in right way.

Logo Sketch

End of entry.

Gods from the Abyss alpha demo

Gods from the Abyss alpha demo

Gods from the Abyss

Gods from the Abyss alpha demo released! Download and try it for free!

Raw Footage is coming out in 15 days!

Raw Footage is coming out in 15 days!


Our first release is coming out in 15 days. A small summary of the game: Raw Footage is a first-person horror game. There is only you and your camera...

Neorj live Kickstarter!

Neorj live Kickstarter!


Live on #Kickstarter. We are excited, are you? #IndieGame made with #UnrealEngine4.

Expand your business opportunity through The Largest Digital Content Event

Expand your business opportunity through The Largest Digital Content Event


The Largest Digital Content Event in ASEAN to be held in Thailand. Bangkok International Digital Content Festival: BIDC 2017, which will be held on March...

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Gods from the Abyss

Gods from the Abyss


"Gods from the Abyss" is a side scroller beat'em up with an eldritch ambience. For single or local co-op two players game, it tries to give the same fighting...


this looks quite good ill give it a shot

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Why 2 profiles for the same engine here in IndieDB? And why both relate it as a proprietary licensed engine if documentation says it's an Open Source engine under LGPL v3 (at least the core and distribution parts, the parts that interest to indie developers)?

Game Develop License: Wiki.compilgames.net

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Amazing and 100% free

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4ian Creator

Thanks! :D

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